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Author: Ruth Hawk
Last revised: October 23, 2019

Cremation diamonds are fascinating. Curious?

Heart In Diamond offers a large selection of cremation diamonds that can be designed to your specific and personal tastes.

Heart In Diamond is a unique company that turns your loved one’s death into a process of remembering a legacy and beautiful life lived. Heart In Diamond specializes in developing memorial diamonds that allow families to express their grief by sharing what made their loved one special and turning those memories into remembrance diamonds.

Funeral diamonds can come in a large selection of popular cuts and styles such as brilliant, princess and radiant cut. They also have a selection of colors that you can choose from to complete the diamond that will remember your loved one. These are just some of the facts about diamonds.

Remembrance diamonds don’t have to be a one-size-suits all approach. Ashes, and hair, that are turned into diamonds can be shaped into small, medium or big cuts with a reflection of colors to match. Heart In Diamond also offers the option of creating your own diamond which follows a step by step process of the four C’s of diamonds.

Heart In Diamond cremation diamonds are changing lives by producing heirlooms that encourage families to share their memories, laughter and love for a lifetime.

Processing the death of a loved one takes people on a journey that they would normally avoid. The seven stages of grief include Shock & Denial, Pain & Guilt, Anger & Bargaining, Reflection & Loneliness, Adjustment, Reconstruction and, finally, Acceptance & Hope.

Heart In Diamond is changing the way that people can commemorate their lives through memorial diamonds. Cremation diamonds can be chosen while someone is still alive and allows them to be included in the process of how they want to be remembered. Death is a hard subject at any time but talking with your loved one about how you would like to honour their memory can bring out the positive and heartfelt memories of the time you have spent together. Perhaps you know that you won’t make that special trip together that you always planned. Memorial diamonds are designed to be taken anywhere and can allow your loved one to be with you at all times, by your side.

Cremation diamonds act as your loved one’s imprint upon your life. You can ease the transition of not knowing what to do with their ashes by carrying them with you through your life experiences.

Once your loved one has passed away, or is passing away, you may be forced to deal with funeral homes or crematories. These places can seem like uncomfortable spots to talk about your loved one as you often meet under the saddest circumstances. Even as you prepare for your loved one to pass, you soon begin to realize that you will need someone to cremate their body into ashes or prepare their body for burial. End of life care is never easy.

Heart In Diamond fills a need that many families seek as their loved ones make the transition from this life to the next. They work with families, and funeral homes, to ensure that your loved one is treated with the utmost respect and care that they deserve. Heart In Diamond is in the business of turning ashes or hair into diamonds that will bring happiness to the one left behind. Cremation diamonds can be developed before, or after, your loved one has passed. The difference is that hair is used before and a combination of hair and ashes is used after they have moved on to their next journey.

Heart In Diamond makes designing and ordering cremation diamonds an easy and uncomplicated process. Heart In Diamond understands that diamonds cannot replace your loved one but strives to produce a diamond that will showcase their beautiful spirit.

The process of evolving your loved one’s ashes into diamonds is precise and heartfelt. You begin by meeting with a consultant who will explain the memorial diamond options that are available. These consultants are able to help you decide on color and cut by listening to you share your memories about how you best remember your loved one.

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The consultants will then work with you to decide the best style to complement the diamond you have chosen. This includes the setting that you would like to have the diamond set into so it can travel with you wherever you go.

Once you have made these decisions you will collect the ashes, or hair, needed and send them to Heart In Diamond. If you don’t have enough hair or ashes Heart In Diamond can add additional generic carbon to finish your piece. You are also provided a tracking link that get provide you with online updates about your diamonds progress. Most people wait an average of 70-120 days, which is the guaranteed fastest production time available.

Once the process is complete a consultant will deliver your treasured diamond in person. If not, you will receive your diamond via authorized courier.

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It is impossible to put a price on a life well lived. Heart In Diamond provides a lasting memory, keeping costs as low as possible, to ensure that anyone can afford to create the memorial diamond their loved one deserved.

Unfortunately the cost of funerals and all related services is on the rise. The total price for a funeral service can be as low as $4000 but as high as $15000. This leaves many families with the decision to cremate their loved ones. Cremation can also run upwards of $4000. Even when you decide to cremate, many families are left with not knowing what to do with their loved one’s ashes.

The woman's crossed hands with a beautiful ring with a diamond on her finger.

Just a frame of reference, in the 1960’s a funereal cost would average $708. By the year 2012, the average funeral cost $7045. That is quite the difference. As the cost of funerals increase, loved ones are now seeking new ways to honour their loved ones through the creation of memorial diamonds. If you are struggling with not knowing what to do with your loved one’s ashes Heart In Diamond could be your solution and they can be cheap too.

Heart In Diamond is able to create memorial jewelry at a lower cost than most companies because they actually own their own production facility. In this facility Heart In Diamond is able to use a High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) machine that mimics the process diamonds go through when they grow naturally in the Earth’s crust. All other companies outsource this part of the process to a third party.

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Heart In Diamond may not be creating world famous diamonds but they creating diamonds that will be famous for families around the world. Memorial diamonds capture hearts and act as a reminder to the magnificent life imprints left behind.

You may have heard of the Hope Diamond, and if you haven’t, it is a world-famous diamond that was named for a French merchant Jean Baptiste Tavernier. The Hope Diamond was originally mined in India and is 45.52 carats. Many people claim that the Hope Diamond is cursed and have even written books about it throughout history.

A stunning brilliant cut Blue diamond

Diamond stories exist across the globe. From the Great Star of Africa to the Centenary Diamond, people are always intrigued by the beauty and history that accompany diamonds. It can be easily agreed that diamonds are a ‘talking’ piece when you meet someone. This is why cremations diamonds are a natural choice when choosing to honour a loved one. Historically, mourning jewelry has been around since the Victorian era when Queen Victoria sent the country into mourning after her husband, Prince Albert, passed away. This means that even in the 1860’s people were using jewelry as a way of commemorating their loved one’s lives. That means for over 150 years people have been using memorial jewelry to share their fondest memories of their loved ones through the fascination that so many people hold towards diamonds.

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Grieving takes on many forms, and phases, but we all end up with acceptance and understanding in the end. Heart In Diamond turns the process of talking about death or dying into a celebration of life through the telling of stories.

For many people, talking about dying or death can cause them to cringe. It is scary to think about leaving this earth forever. It can seem even scarier for those loved ones who are being left behind as they have a lot of decisions to make for the person they love.

The bronze statue of Maria carrying the dead body of Jesus.

Heart In Diamond allows you to open up the conversation to what you want to happen to your ashes. Some people choose to avoid talking about death all together, but Heart In Diamond believes that the conversation of death does not need to be avoided. Cremation diamonds can change the ways that families approach the dying, or death, process by turning that conversation into a celebration of life. The cremation business can seem cold, and frightening, when you realize that you will never physically see that loved one again. You are then left with ashes, which family members are just as confused about what to do with.

Unfortunately, death is forever. Heart In Diamond realizes that this transition is permanent and therefore; designed a diamond that would last forever as well. No one really knows what happens after we pass away but Heart In Diamond can secure a piece of your loved one forever through the cremation diamond process.

What do Heart In Diamond diamonds and naturally mined diamonds have in common? A lot! What do they not have in common? Heart In Diamond grows diamonds that are eco-friendly, bloodless and are 30-35% less expensive.

Is that real or synthetic? This is often not the question that is asked to people when they show a diamond to a friend or family member. Most people are asked where they got it and what the special occasion was when they received it. Diamonds allow us to share the stories that matter.

A full hand of the mined diamonds

Synthetic diamonds are economically better for the environment because they do not require that people dig into the ground, use chemicals or toxins to remove the diamonds and then leave the marks on the earth behind. Aside from the environment, the human factor is also considered when dealing with diamonds. Blood diamonds have become well known over the past decade as people have been exposed to the truth behind how diamonds are extracted and sold around the world.

Heart In Diamond creates their diamonds using a scientific process to develop their diamonds. This process does not leave a harsh impact on the environment, nor does it require that children go out and dig for a diamond to receive 1% of its worth. Heart In Diamond allows you to remember your loved one without the guilt of purchasing a diamond that could carry negative thoughts of how it was mined and who mined it.

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Remember Love

In Victorian times, people wore mourning jewelry to remember a departed loved one. Family and friends would find comfort in keeping that person’s presence close to their hearts In pendants, rings, and lockets containing hair or ashes of the deceased

Heart In Diamond honors this tradition with the world’s most personal diamonds. Cremation diamonds are made from ashes or from a lock of hair from a loved one and can be set in jewelry. This type of diamond not only symbolizes a special person, but also contains the essence of life.

As unique as the person’s spirit, each laboratory-created diamond is truly one-of-a-kind. With an array of different sizes, cuts, and settings from which to choose, your finished diamond will forever be beautiful and special to you — much like the memory of your loved one.

No matter how many years pass by, whenever you look at your diamond made from a loved one’s ashes, you’ll be reminded of his/her laugh, smile, and the happy memories you both shared. More personal than a photograph or other memorial item, this lasting tribute is a treasured keepsake for generations to come.

We have various fancy color diamonds that come in different cuts and sizes. View our diamond options and our jewelry options to find the perfect Heart In Diamond diamond for you.

Our diamonds are guaranteed and certified.

Find the peace that our memory diamonds have already given to so many.

If love is in your heart, let a Heart In Diamond diamond be on your hand.

Those we love remain with us, for love itself lives on, and cherished memories never fade because a loved one’s gone. Those we love can never be more than a thought apart, far as long there is memory, they’ll live on in the heart.

Mary Alice Ramish

Cremation diamonds

Our consultants understand the emotional weight of making this important decision. To guide you through the process and help you create your never ending bond, please talk to us.
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