What is Heart in Diamond?

What shapes us as humans is our capacity for the unconditional love we have for members of our family, our friends and even our pets. Those magical and memorable moments spent together make up the rich tapestry of our lives. It is with this as the backdrop that we create beautiful and eternal diamonds that are highly prized and valued by so many. Your Heart In Diamond is that living bond to this true and precious love inherent in us all. A priceless connection to your loved ones that comes straight from the heart. This personal diamond is grown in a laboratory under strictly controlled conditions. To create your individual diamond we add particles of carbon extracted from the hair or ashes of your loved one to a diamond growing foundation. This grows into a unique diamond that is linked to your loved one at its very core.

Heart In Diamond – A Mother’s Story of Eternal Love


Over time photos can fade and discolor, souvenirs can’t always suit your taste or inner feelings, but there is one thing that will help you keep the memory of your life’s greatest milestones close to your heart forever – diamond jewelry. Heart In Diamond offers a rich collection of jewelry to complement any event in your life, including:



Heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation acquire a special value and get shrouded in the mist of time. There seems no better keepsake to pass on than diamonds. Everlasting, wearproof and durable, they certainly stand the test of time and deliver memorable reminders of your loved ones. Moreover, each Heart In Diamond contains a part of the person whose memory you wish to cherish forever. A Heart In Diamond enshrines those memories in a most beautiful way!

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Our lives are full of events. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but how you move through them depends largely on that person beside you. There is a tradition to propose marriage with a diamond ring, but this tradition can also honor your relationships after many years together. Present your loved one with a unique, soulful item of diamond jewelry as a symbol of your solid and everlasting love. Let Heart In Diamond create a unique diamond that reflects your love for one another.

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Baby (Newborns)

Baby (Newborns)

Delivery is always painful, the sleepless nights are very tiresome, but all those fade when you hear your baby’s first laugh, see their first smile or when they snuggle up to you so innocently. How you wish you could freeze-frame those sweet moments and keep them forever. Heart In Diamond will help you make your wish come true. A diamond made of your baby’s lock of hair will be as precious to you as your beautiful child.

Special Events

Special Events

Any event can be special, but it’s the gift that can make it unforgettable. Diamond jewelry is that exclusive gift that can reveal your innermost feelings. Heart In Diamond provides a unique opportunity to create an exceptional diamond by synthesizing it from a lock of hair of someone most dear to you and then creating the jewelry design of your choice.


Special Events

Pets can be more than just best friends. No words can aptly describe their unconditional love and loyalty to you throughout their lives. What better way to convey your feelings towards your pet than with a special, memorable gift of a Heart In Diamond. Heart In Diamond will cultivate a unique diamond from your pet’s hair. It can be turned into an item of jewelry, as a symbol of your close bond, which you can later keep as a poignant reminder of your special friendship when your pet is gone.

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Our consultants understand the emotional weight of making this important decision. To guide you through the process and help you create your never ending bond, please talk to us.
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