Testimonial from Lynda, UK

Hello, I would like to say how very pleased I am with my heart in a diamond ring. It is exactly as I imagined. From start to finish the whole process is very professional, Anita visiting my home with designs, colours & shapes of diamonds. Including my weekly e-mails from receiving my Mum & Dads […]


Make This Summer A Season To Remember

A sad truth of life is that memories fade — that romantic date, that special afternoon, even that graduation party will all be distant recollections one day in the future. One day, “these days” will be “those days.” That’s one reason why keepsakes are so popular. What better way to preserve the memory of a special or important […]


3 Interesting Diamond Facts

A few things you may not have known about diamonds. 1. Their make-up The purest diamonds are made out of 100% carbon. Any other element will change the color, clarity, and market value. 2. Properties of diamonds Throughout the ages people have believed that diamonds have special properties. Some kings wore diamonds into battle, as they believed […]


How to Avoid Overpaying For A Diamond

Diamonds are one of the most unique and symbolic gems out there, which is probably why they are also one of the best selling precious stones around the world. Because of their value, however, they do represent a bit of a financial investment — and it is important to be careful with your money in order to avoid […]


Do You Have an April Birthday?

People born in April are lucky enough to have one of the most precious (not to mention beautiful) birthstones of all: the diamond. Although in today’s modern world we tend to associate diamonds with romance and everlasting love, the traditional symbolism of April’s birthstone was courage: those born in April were said to possess the […]

White Pear, Radiant & Briliiant Cut Diamonds

The Mir Mine

Even your “average” diamond mine tends to be pretty incredible: After all, diamonds can be harvested in a number of impressive ways, such as being caught in the outlet of a major river or taken from mining tunnels deep under the surface of the earth. But the Mir Mine in Eastern Russia just might take the cake as […]


Testimonial from Beverly, Canada

Claire, the pendant arrived and it is lovely. It was immediately placed around my neck and just snuggles into me like it should. Thanks for all your help, support, and patience over the stages of decision, purchase and waiting. – Bev, Canada


The Cape Town Diamond Museum.

Diamonds have played a very important role in the history of South Africa, especially in the Western Cape province, home of the important city of Cape Town. This history began when the 15 year old son of a modest farmer discovered diamonds in a local stream, and culminated with a series of important discoveries that would […]

Large Asscher cut diamond

The World’s Largest Diamond Heist

Diamond heists and bank robberies are a common thread in urban legends: they tend to call to mind brilliant conmen and dangerous schemes. But did you know that the largest diamond heist ever pulled off by one person was performed thanks to nothing but personal charm and a one secret ingredient known as…chocolate? In 2007, […]