Testimonial from Dusty, USA

Good evening, Claire. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to get the package in the mail today. I was so excited that I even opened the box with my daughter and the mail lady on the porch. The mail lady became acquitted with us after Katie’s death and says she has […]


The Top Reasons to Buy A Diamond

Diamonds are one of the world’s best selling precious gems. Here are a few of the top reasons why people purchase diamonds. 1. Romance. The diamond has become a universal symbol of undying love — and is used for thousands upon thousands of weddings and romantic occasions every day. 2. Love. Of course, love isn’t always about […]


How Diamonds Are Cut

The way a diamond is cut is what gives it its shape and shine. Continue reading to learn more about the process. 1. Sawing or cleaving The purpose of this step it to break the rough diamond into smaller pieces. This can be accomplished using force, to break it apart, or slicing through it with a laze […]


5 Interesting Scientific Facts About Diamonds

There’s no doubt that diamonds are beautiful, but they are also interesting. Scientific fascination of diamonds is nearly as long lived as aesthetic fascination. Here are a few interesting science-based diamond facts. 1. Diamonds are carbon in the most concentrated form. 2. According to the most reliable scales, diamonds are the hardest natural substance in existence. 3. […]

2 white round cut diamonds shown from 2 different angles with the heart in diamond logo

Testimonial from Jeanne, USA

From the start of my ordering through the delivery of my amazing diamond, Claire McHan kept in contact with me. Claire gave me useful ideas like adding some of my hair to the ashes. Every step of the process was messaged to me. The delivery of my stone was quick, the very next day and […]

Large Asscher cut diamond

3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing an Engagement Ring

Asking the love of your life to marry you can be nerve racking enough. There’s no need to stress yourself out about choosing an engagement ring, as well! Here are a few questions that can help you make the right choice, and feel great about it too. • What Jewelry Does My Future Fiancé Usually […]

Ingrid's white round

Testimonial from Ingrid, Norway

When I lost my dear Tammy earlier this year, I wanted to do something special to remember her. The choice was to send the ashes to England and make a diamond of it. The process took about 4 Mnd and here’s the result. I would like to thank heart in diamond for fantastic service and […]


Three Facts About Artificial Diamonds

Artificial diamonds are increasingly popular around the world, but many people have yet to fully understand these incredible creations of modern science. Here are a few interesting facts that can shed some light on the topic. 1. Artificial diamonds have the same chemical structure as naturally occurring diamonds, and not even experts can find a difference with the […]


Trying to Choose Best Material for Your Wedding Band?

This quick guide may be able to help! ● Platinum is one of the most prestigious metals in the world, and it’s glossy white sheen makes an excellent background for a diamond. ● Palladium offers a similar look to platinum at a more affordable price. ● Gold comes in more than just the standard yellow gold […]