4 bereavement counselors discuss different types of grief

12 September 2019

Tears. Inability to focus. Intense feelings of despair. Grief is arguably the most desperate state of being that a person ever has to go through in life. Sometimes grief can get messy. For certain individuals, it’s not as easy and picking up the pieces and moving on with life following the death of a close […]

Memorial jewelry made from the ashes of a lost family member

29 August 2019

Death is hard. Grieving is difficult. Paying tribute to the deceased is a worldwide cultural practice that helps individuals cope following the tragic loss of someone they love. Memorial jewelry is one of many ways people choose to celebrate the memory of a loved one after death. Memorial jewelry made from the cremated remains of […]

12 Reasons why synthetic diamonds are better than mined diamonds

29 August 2019

Transforming the world of diamond jewelry in the past decade, synthetic diamonds have numerous benefits compared to mined diamonds. These benefits are making them a highly popular option when it comes to diamond shopping. Considering the fact that they are the same as natural diamonds chemically, physically, and optically, it’s not a surprise that consumers […]

How to Choose Memorial Jewelry for Loss of Family Member

29 August 2019

Death is painful. Laborious. Burdensome. Challenging. Nothing about losing a family member is easy, to say the very least. When someone close to you dies, it feels as though your oxygen has been removed from the air. Your breath is knocked right out of your body and yet, the world keeps turning – and you’re […]

Looking at the Different Types of Urn Jewelry for Ashes

29 August 2019

Ever since cremations picked up steam and started to become a more popular option for the end-of-life arrangements, people have been inventing unique and personal ways to hold the cremated ashes of their precious loved ones. Urn jewelry for ashes emerged onto the scene approximately a decade after cremations became more popular in the United […]

How to Choose the Best Final Expense Insurance

2 August 2019

You might already know that it is important it is to have a good final expense insurance policy, but why? What is final expense insurance? What exactly are the benefits of having it? What is a prepaid funeral plan and the benefits of that? In order to get accurate answers to some common questions about […]


2 August 2019

What would you do with the cremated ashes of a loved one? Would you scatter them? Bury them? Keep them in an urn displayed on the mantle of your fireplace? Here’s an idea you may not have thought of yet – you could have some of the cremated ashes of a loved one grown into […]

What will be the value of synthetic diamonds?

20 June 2019

Now that diamonds can be made in laboratories, what will happen to their exclusivity and value? Technology made widely available in the last couple of decades allows diamond manufacturers to grow authentic diamonds in a lab setting. Identical to mined diamonds in terms of aesthetic and chemical properties, the availability of real diamonds for approximately […]

Coping With Loss: 76 Helpful Resources on Grief & Mourning

25 April 2019

Everyone has to deal with a moment of grief at some point in their life. The demise of a partner, parent, or specifically of a child, is capable of causing excruciating emotional pain. The knowledge of the method to handle grief is essential for ensuring that the emotional upset doesn’t result in depression or bring […]

Best memorial ideas dog

18 April 2019

THESE ARE THE BEST MEMORIAL IDEAS FOR YOUR DOG Just like the death of a loved one, losing a pet can be painful. However, saying goodbye to your canine friend is never easy. The best way to deal with grief is to celebrate what your dog meant to you. DOG ASHES MEMORIAL IDEAS When your […]

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