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27 December 2017


Testimonial from Stephanie, USA

25 December 2017

For almost half of my life, my chihuahua was a part of it. She was my little companion, best friend, and much more than a pet. She was with me through many hard times, many good times, and I never wanted to think about a time in my life when she would not be a […]


Quote of the week

25 December 2017


How Old is The Average Diamond?

19 December 2017

Naturally formed diamonds are literally older than the hills — in fact, they are older than nearly every modern plant and animal species, as well! Because these gemstones take at least one billion years to form completely, even the youngest diamonds in existence were busy forming when the first multicellular life emerged in the early […]


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18 December 2017

Two brilliant round orange cut diamonds and a white one

What Is The Best Diamond Cut?

12 December 2017

When talking about diamond cuts, it is important to make an important distinction. On a more objective note, diamonds are generally graded based upon the quality and craftsmanship that goes into their final cut. These grades are poor, fair, good, very good, and excellent — and you should probably not settle for anything worse than […]


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11 December 2017


Detonation Synthesis

5 December 2017

Though naturally-occurring diamonds are formed deep below the surface of the earth over the course of billions of years, scientists are currently developing increasingly effective — and oftentimes amazing — ways of replicating this process in a short time. One of the most impressive discoveries, which garnered a 2012 IG Nobel Peace Prize, was the […]


Why Do We Wear Wedding Rings on the 4th Finger of our Left Hand?

29 November 2017

This seemingly arbitrary tradition has roots which go back thousands of years. In the Roman Empire, when important early studies of medicine bloomed, scientists came to the conclusion that a single artery runs from the heart all the way down into the fourth finger of the left hand. Because these scientists also believed that the […]


Testimonial from Jo, UK

22 November 2017

Just like to thank Anita and Neil for my fabulous pendant. It’s amazing. Looked after and kept informed all the way. Thanks again. Definitely to be recommended to keep a piece of a loved one for ever. – Jo

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