Testimonial from Stephanie, USA

25 December 2017 / Blog, Testimonials

For almost half of my life, my chihuahua was a part of it. She was my little companion, best friend, and much more than a pet. She was with me through many hard times, many good times, and I never wanted to think about a time in my life when she would not be a part of it. Unfortunately, death is a part of life. I was fortunate enough to have my baby for 15 years. She will always carry a special place in my heart. Heart-in-diamond is a beautiful way to remember her, and that is why I chose a heart-shaped red diamond that I will treasure forever. To anyone that is suffering a loss of any kind, I would highly recommend considering a memorial through heart-in-diamond. There is nothing that will take the pain away from the loss, but I am happy to have this precious reminder of the time I shared with my little friend.

-Stephanie, TX. USA


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