What will be the value of synthetic diamonds?

Now that diamonds can be made in laboratories, what will happen to their exclusivity and value? Technology made widely available in the last couple of decades allows diamond manufacturers to grow authentic diamonds in a lab setting. Identical to mined diamonds in terms of aesthetic and chemical properties, the availability of real diamonds for approximately Read more

Coping With Loss: 76 Helpful Resources on Grief & Mourning

Everyone has to deal with a moment of grief at some point in their life. The demise of a partner, parent, or specifically of a child, is capable of causing excruciating emotional pain. The knowledge of the method to handle grief is essential for ensuring that the emotional upset doesn’t result in depression or bring Read more

Best memorial ideas dog - Heart In Diamond

THESE ARE THE BEST MEMORIAL IDEAS FOR YOUR DOG Just like the death of a loved one, losing a pet can be painful. However, saying goodbye to your canine friend is never easy. The best way to deal with grief is to celebrate what your dog meant to you. DOG ASHES MEMORIAL IDEAS When your Read more

The Perfect Cut - Heart In Diamond

What is the Perfect Diamond Cut? The cut of a diamond refers to its subtle finish. If a diamond is cut well, it will appear bright and luminous, with intense contrasts and a dazzling sparkle. One of the most important factors used to evaluate diamonds is cut. The term is not difficult to understand; however, Read more

Where Do Diamonds Come From? - Heart In Diamond

Where Do Diamonds Come From? The first diamonds ever to be excavated by humans came from ancient India. The Indians believed that diamonds were incredibly sacred. India became and remained a hub of diamond mining from early history until recently, when most of the country’s resources became depleted. It has since been replaced by numerous Read more

So...What exactly is a Carat, Anyway? - Heart In Diamond

What is a Carat? A carat is a unit of measurement equal to 0.2 grams. The term originates in ancient times, back when the seed of a carob tree was used as the standard measure of weight for precious stones. Of course, not every seed weighed the same–which lead to serious problems from time to Read more

How strong is diamond? You will be surprised

Are Diamonds Strong? Diamonds are one of the strongest materials on earth, but it’s not stronger than steel or several minerals. In fact, as you may know, most diamonds are all but indestructible, due to the unique arrangement and bonding of the carbon atoms they are made up of. Did you know that diamond tipped Read more

Diamonds: Symbols of Prosperity - Heart In Diamond

How Long Have Diamonds Been Symbols of Prosperity? Since humans first began mining and finding diamonds thousands of years ago, diamonds have been a symbol of wealth and prosperity. First in ancient India, the birthplace of the diamond industry, and then increasingly across the Middle East, north Africa, Europe and Asia throughout the first millennium Read more

Diamonds: Older Than the Dinosaurs - Heart In Diamond

Are Diamonds Older than Dinosaurs? It has become apparent that most diamonds are hundreds of millions– even billions– of years old, and we know this by using new technology. Diamonds are older than any dinosaur, and, in fact, older than nearly all land dwelling plants and animals (the source of coal). Most diamonds are now Read more

Diamonds From Space - Heart In Diamond

Do Diamonds Come From Outer Space? When most people think of diamonds, they picture minerals far beneath the surface of the Earth. Even though the majority of the diamonds on the planet are formed this way, it is sometimes overlooked that many diamonds actually come from outer space as well. These diamonds are either carried Read more
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