How do You Make a Diamond out of Ashes?

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Transforming human ashes into diamonds is a surprisingly simple process (with the proper equipment and expertise), yet the results are anything but simple. The following is a quick-rundown of what you need to do to have ashes turned into a diamond:

  1. Select the cremation diamond you want.

  2. Choose from more than 500 jewelry settings

  3. Send in the hair or ashes from a family member, friend, pet, or relative

  4. Use the provider diamond identification number to track the progress of your diamond from start to finish

  5. Your unique cremation diamond arrives at your doorstep

What Steps are Involved in the Actual Diamond-Creation Process?

Creating a gorgeous diamond that encompasses a lifetime of memories.of a loved one is a highly personal and important process that needs to be handled with the utmost care. For this reason, only the industry’s highest standards and best practices must be adhered to in order to render amazing results. Heart In Diamond takes their level of commitment a step further by throwing in a heavy dose of passion to the personalized diamond creation process.


Step One:

Once you have officially placed your order and Heart In Diamond receives the signed Purchasing Order Form, an ID number will be issued to you. This identification number allows you to go to an Order Tracking Page and track the status of your order at any time.

When the laboratory receives the sample of ashes or hair, a thorough analysis is conducted that correctly identifies the chemical composition of your loved one’s remains or hair. The sample of hair or ashes needs to be 0.5 to 2 grams in order to create a personalized diamond.

Step Two:

Following the analysis process, the carbon is extracted from the sample of hair or ashes. The extracted carbon is then added to a foundation for diamond growing. It’s from this foundation that a personalized diamond is grown in a unique crystalline matrix.

Step Three:

Your diamond-growing foundation is placed into a machine that creates extremely high temperatures and pressures. Inside this sophisticated machine exists conditions that mimic those found deep inside Earth’s crust to make natural diamonds. This includes typical high pressure high temperature (HPHT) conditions that are at least 2000°C and 60,000 atmospheres. Your personalized diamond is grown through exposure to these conditions.

Step Four:

Once the diamond growth phase has finished, industry specialists will cut and polish your diamond. It’s at this point that any modifications needed according to your request are met, and the industry’s highest standards are always upheld.

Step Five:

Strict quality controls and a grading process follow the cutting and polishing of your diamond. Once these measures have been met, an Authenticity Certificate is issued for your diamond which includes every detail about your customized gem.

How Long Does it Take to Turn Ashes into Diamonds?

Because of the different stages of development needed to create your customized diamond, there is a waiting period needed to complete the process. It takes between 70 and 120 days from the time the sample of ashes or hair is received by the laboratory before it is delivered to your doorstep.

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