Coping With Loss: 76 Helpful Resources on Grief & Mourning

25 April 2019 /

Everyone has to deal with a moment of grief at some point in their life. The demise of a partner, parent, or specifically of a child, is capable of causing excruciating emotional pain. The knowledge of the method to handle grief is essential for ensuring that the emotional upset doesn’t result in depression or bring about deeper mental damage. A variety of occurrences in life can cause grief, including:

  • Death of a spouse, parent, or close friend
  • Demise of a baby, via miscarriage or other causes
  • The termination of an essential relationship
  • Injury, job loss, or other distressing changes in everyday life

Assembled here are a number of the best online means for dealing with grief and mourning. People suffering from loss have gone on the internet to seek assistance, support, or a person with whom to share their pain. From individual bloggers to expert grief counsellors, an astonishingly supportive online society exists for those craving to deal with loss. These resources can be handy for both individuals who grieve as well as those who provide them with support.

Grief Blogs

One very effective means of coping with grief is to share the experiences with other persons who have gone through similar situations in the past.

Victoria Noe
This site functions as a conference for those who did lose a friend and are battling to handle the various attendant consequences. Since a lot of persons have not witnessed a substantial loss, it makes it difficult for them to share, thus further detaching individuals battling.

The blog chronicles Judy, a lady who had lately discovered fresh interest in music after the demise of her child. Posts on the blog describe how she’s utilised music in surmounting these issues and cope with her peculiar grief.

What’s Your Grief?
This blog is maintained by a pair of mental health experts who majors in grief education. The objective of the website is to expand the discussion so as to discover innovative novel solutions to come to the assistance of those that need it the most.

HelloGrief endeavours to assist those devastated with the emotional state they’re facing and attain a better comprehension of the way to tackle them. The website features stories, community support, validation, sharing and remembering, and more.

Grieving Dads Project
This blog goes in depth deliberating the concerns faced by fathers who cope with loss and the way they’re regularly consigned to getting less consideration due to the perception they’re supposed to care for others sorrowing. The blog provides discerning backing to these men and eases their quest to lead fruitful lives.

Finding My Muchness
Find My Muchness encourages people to pursue positivity in their life and discover ways to assert how they’re living from day to day, particularly in the face of tragedy. Sequel to the loss of her twins 6 months into her pregnancy, amazing woman Tova Gold has inscribed refreshing posts.

Emerging Better
Emerging Better contains all the information one could desire to endure in the face of tragic loss and lead a life that is more resilient than before. Articles on the blog attempt to reconcile the emotional state of losing a girl child and how it touches the mother, and the entire family as well in the long run.

Facets of Life
The blog is managed by a woman who had a uterine rupture, which claimed her son’s life and nearly hers too. The blog specifies the huge grief that can come from this sort of loss.

Love, Hope and Courage
This blog, written by a woman who had a stillbirth and had to deal with losing her 2-year old son some months afterward, empowers those experiencing loss with helpful posts to assist them in working through their emotions.

Refuge in Grief
Refuge in Grief centres on helping those persons who are dealing with an out-of-order or unforeseen death, life-changing injury or illness, and other events that might be connected to handling as to something not anticipated.

This site was created to enhance the quality of attention that health specialists can give to those who are battling with the demise of somebody dear to them. The creator, Dr. Bill Hoy has been a grief expert for more than two and half decades.

The Grief Healing Blog
This website makes a great device for professionals and care-givers to help those handling grief on several levels. By considering loss, bereavement, and the process of transition, the blog is aptly fortified to tackle a number of the most fundamental issues.

Stunned By Grief
Stunned By Grief portrays what it’s like to experience grief and offers recommendations on how best to bounce back. The website has great blog posts, books, validations, and even external resources.

CarlyMarie Project Heal
It chronicles how the website’s author recovered from the stillbirth of her son. Project Heal was instituted to nurture a situation of healing and renovation on the other side of an infant’s death.

Care Providers and Grief Centres

Care providers and grief centres provides an array of services to persons and families dealing with loss. Several keep a team of qualified psychologists as well as social workers to provide individual or collective therapy. Several grief counsellors and centres make it their objective to provide empathetic guidance to assist their clients in continuing to lead rich and significant lives even while handling grief.

Crisis Care Network
This is a support group focused on getting persons back to work after a crisis, precisely demise of a loved one. With their wide-ranging resources, they assist in analysing compensation, morale, and more.

Association of Death Education & Counseling (ADEC)
ADEC comprises more than 2,000 members and contains physical and mental health specialists, together with educators, funeral directors, members of the church, and much more. They organise conferences, workshops, courses and certifications.

The Grief Recovery Method
This agency has been meticulously advanced at the Grief Recovery Institute in the course of the last three decades and has proven itself as a reliable source of information on the way to surmount grief. The website features an amazing blog and remarkable articles that are extremely enlightening.

Grief Expert Rob Zucker
Rob Zucker has authored a book on dual grief that is usually experienced when a child and parent are facing the same grief together, for example death of a spouse or another child.

National Alliance for Grieving Children
This Alliance recognises the unique trials that children undergo when they lose somebody dear to them, and the establishment has created extensive learning resources for those seeking to provide relief to them.

Bradley Center for Grieving Children and Families
This is an establishment devoted to letting children discover the outlet required for dealing with bereavement and grief. It makes an essential resource for linking happiness and despair as children are mandated to cope with the process of grieving at a tender age.

The Denver Hospice Grief Center
The Center is a great resource for those resident in the region to have all essential facilities on hand to appropriately cope with loss. The organization features creative arts grief groups, garden retreats, etc.

Center for Loss and Trauma
This body works with persons to provide them with the enabling tools to aptly tackle loss and grief. By facilitating the fostering of a community where they can bond and deliberate pressing matters, the center has assisted people in surmounting their grief and moving forward.

Bo’s Place
A bereavement center in Houston Texas Bo’s Place offers multiple grief support services for adults children and families and provides education and resources for those who assist people in grief. Bo’s Place exists to enhance the lives of those who have experienced the death of a loved one.

TAPS—Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, Inc.
TAPS supports families who have lost a member belonging to the military. They’ve helped not less than 40,000 family members by offering peer-based emotional care for any person mourning a military bereavement.

Passages…through grief
This resource was established by an approved grief counsellor and clinical psychologist who have synthesised a program that assists others who have lost a person in finding a balance once more and continue the routine of their normal life.

GriefShare hosts support groups and seminars popular for their ability to assist others dealing with loss and grief in effective ways. One of the toughest parts of loss is the loneliness that follows instantly, proving the criticality of GriefShare’swork.

The Dougy Center
This particular center has facilities for helping children teenagers as well as young adults cope with grief and death via education peer support groups and training. Every month the establishment attends to 550 children and an extra 425 adult family members. is a setting that has extensive content intended to support those grieving with content custom-made for the loss of a partner, child, parent, family, and even friends. They also concentrate on event-specific loss, together with general issues.

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN)
NCTSN endeavours to care for children who have been distressed in a number of circumstances, including the passing away of a beloved person. Their facilities have been a massive part in the strengthening of children’s stability with the passage of time.

Providing grief support in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1976, their programs offer emotional support through a peer-based model which advocates listening, speaking, and acting from the heart in service to others.

Resources for Survivors of Suicide
SAVE is a national nonprofit organization stressing that you are not alone upon losing someone dear to suicide. SAVE has tools and resources specially directed toward families and military partners and shared virtual support, they’re in-depth in the presenation of grief support.

Common Ground Grief Center
Founded in 2009, the Center is an essential grief and loss community member, as they offer grief support groups for teenagers, children, and young adults.

Heartlinks Grief Center
This institution provides support groups, qualified counselling, and even beneficial community events that make it easier to deal with loss and grief. Managing people across all ages, they assist not less than 800 persons every year.

The Shore Grief Center
The Shore Grief Center provides free peer-based grief support for bereaved parents, suicide loss survivors and a general adult grief group. Our resource page provides assistance for busy parents whose children who are grieving.

Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas Grief Counseling for Women
They focus on working with persons to surmount grief and the ensuing depression, anxiety, etc. Managed by a grief counsellor, her experience has been vital to the further nurturing of a safe atmosphere for women.

Clinician Survivor Task Force
The Force backs psychotherapists who have witnessed the suicide loss of loved ones and/or clients. This is a non-readily accepted loss in the field, and the website offers resources to aid clinicians in handling the professional and personal effect of this loss.

Mother Henna
Mother Henna assists individuals in harnessing their creative side as a grief coping mechanism. It’s intuitive to how to best pursue getting a life back to normal, even if the person is not previously involved in artistic activities.

Full Circle Grief Center
This center deliberates on the way persons can form a support society for one another, even when they have all encountered loss to some degree. It’s a great body for finding the assistance required, especially for children.

Children’s Grief Center of El Paso
The Center ensures that inhabitants of this border community possess all the suitable knowledge and skills to support those who are suffering from the loss of their loved ones.

Horizons Grief Center
The Center recognises all of the best means to help those grieving and the way to care for them as well. They provide individual and family grief counseling, along with grief support workshops and groups to increase by what means they can help others.

Grief Watch
Grief Watch is full of memorial products and bereavement resource, while offering great content as well for surmounting personal loss. The website has an extraordinary assortment of content categories, including suicide, hospice and adult grief.

Karen M. Wyatt, MD
From establishing a medical health centre in a destitute shelter to assisting those suffering from grief and loss, Wyatt is a familiar name when it comes to handling life-threatening illness and death.

Losing Your Parents
The site confronts the way to react in the wake of a parent’s demise. Blog posts on the website detail beneficial books to read, together with other handy grief resources.

Unspoken Grief
This site aims to tackle issues less talked about regarding miscarriages, neonatal loss, and stillbirths. Since these matters often go unacknowledged, the website has been essential in tackling these topics.

The Grieving Center For Children, Teens & Families
This establishment shows others the way to be involved in helping children dealing with loss via huge outreach occasions and beneficial grief resources. Featuring on and off-site collections, it’s guaranteed to assist any child battling to handle loss.

Wings of Grief
This outfit recognises what it’s like to lose somebody and content on their website demonstrates how beneficial it can be to have somebody to assist in working through issues hand in hand. They have awesome material on the way people can restore themselves after such a shattering loss.

Established 1986, Fernside, as an Hospice of Cincinnati affiliate, offers facilities for more than 1,200 teenagers, children, and even adults every year.

Brooke’s Place for Grieving Young People. Inc.
The body helps children recover from loss and the website has wide-ranging resources for tacking loss. They offer peer counseling and support groups intended to raise spirits of togetherness and unity.

Friends Along the Road
This group serves as a safe haven for those battling loss to come and retune themselves. They organise several activities such as memorial walks, sanctuary activities, and roadside commemorative projects.

Widower and Widow Sites

A partner’s death is a shocking incident that will always cause grief. Sharing this tough experience with others who have lost a partner, and pursuing grief counselling are essential steps for anybody who has lost their significant other.

This is an active online forum with message boards where you can connect with other widowed people based on various aspects of your loss (age, time since loss, type of loss, etc.), Widowed Village is open to anyone who has experienced the death of a spouse or partner. Formed by Soaring Spirits International, a non profit that was created for widowed people, by widowed people, this resource provides widowed persons with a place to grieve and comprehend their emotions with others who can relate to them.

Parents without Partners
They aim to assist those who have lost a spouse through various conditions including custodial issues, divorce, death, etc. Via the resources on the website, parents can better realise how to lead a fruitful life and raise a child.

The blog describes how to endure after a partner loss. The book dwells on various situations, some more usual than others, but all are perceptive into how unbearable the loss of a partner can be.

Child Loss Grief Resources

The loss of a child is one of the most excruciating experiences a person can live through. It causes unimaginable grief, and finding grief care and counseling is essential for any parent who has witnessed the tragic loss of a child.

COPE Foundation
The Foundation serves parents and families who lose a child. The body has grown since its initiation in 1999 and is greatly respected for the assistance they offer to grieving families.

POMC—Parents of Murdered Children, Inc.
POMC is a website dedicated to charting how parents can obtain the care they require in the face of one of the most shattering circumstances. Apart from online support and survivor support, they have an amazing legal section that adumbrates alternatives for parents.

Alive Alone
This society assists parents who have lost their single child or many children, which has caused severe feelings of depression and loneliness.

Sidelines National Support Network
The Network assists needy women who are facing high-risk pregnancies. Their work paints a detailed picture of the way women can handle pregnancy complications, including several ways of losing a baby.

Still Standing Magazine
The Magazine specifies how people can endure through infertility, child loss, and other circumstances relating to a form of loss. The website highlights the various forms loss and grief can assume and they’ve made extensive content for meeting people’s needs.

Other Resources

The Grief Toolbox
The Toolbox works to amass beneficial resources for people to properly tackle the rigors of addressing a loved one loss. It contains varying articles and artwork providing interesting perspective.

The Caregiver Space Blog
The site is devoted to providing grief experts with the resources to aptly tackle some of the most demanding concerns those grieving might have.

The Unprepared Caregiver
Written by Zachary, the blog specifies the unique experiences one encounters when caring for somebody with a terminal illness and getting ready for loss. The website examines issues like stress and anxiety resulting from being a caregiver and offers a beneficial outlet for handling such issues.

National Students of AMF
This is a web of college students grieving a loved one loss and seeking assistance to get them back on their feet. Their effort spreads to about 170 colleges all over the nation.

Violent Death Bereavement Society
The Society helps folks who have witnessed a violent death or know somebody close to them who has. The site has wealth of resource links that makes it easy to discover the required specific support.

Camp Agape
Camp Agape centres on affording a setting for children specifically affected by the loss of someone dear. It helps rebuild happy thoughts that can be vital to recovery from a substantial loss.

Twinless Twins
The Twinless Twins Support Group International™ (TTSGI) is a safe and compassionate community for twinless twins to experience healing and understanding. TTSGI provides support for twins and other multiples who have lost their twin due to death at any age. TTSGI offers peer-to-peer support to its members in a verity of ways. Support offerings range from books videos articles regional meetings newsletters FB chat group and national conferences. As a community of grieving twins we shed light on difficult questions unique to twin loss.

Survivors of Homicide
Homicide survivors dedicate their energies to assisting those who have lost someone dear to them to homicide. Services are gratis and comprise various areas including business and planning meetings, group meetings, and advocacy.

HALOS (Helping All Loved Ones Survive)
This is an amazing establishment for helping those who have lost dear persons to homicide. The website lists meetings they hold to assist others and inspires new persons seeking help.

Soaring Spirits International
This is a society of widows from across the globe that uses the website to nurture a peer-based support assembly where others facing similar emotions can turn and go through their concerns.

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