Jewelry from ashes – All your questions answered

Losing a loved one, for many, is the most difficult event they will ever face in life. To lose someone close is often overwhelming and at times, may even feel unbearable. Initial shock and grieving is intense and it may take weeks, or even months before the bereaved are able to even consider what they might do with the ashes of a loved one.

For those who are ready to decide what they want to do with the cremated ashes of a loved one, memorial jewelry provides a comforting reminder of the departed. Cremation jewelry, or jewelry made from the cremated ashes of the deceased, can be worn or displayed in the home or office in a jewelry box or display case. Let’s review the most popular types of funeral jewelry, including cremation diamonds and memorial glass pieces.

Turn Ashes Into Diamond Jewelry

Perhaps the most lavish and popular choice for cremation jewelry is to turn the cremated remains into real diamonds that are set in stunning jewelry. In a way, people feel empowered, as if they have immortalized their deceased loved one by having the carbon from their ashes turned into a diamond. Diamonds are a timeless classic and last forever, thus creating an undying keepsake from the remains of a loved one.

Diamonds are priced separately from the jewelry. If you go with the company Heart In Diamond, their cremation diamonds start at only $750. Plus, with a price plan, you can pay as little as $62 per month for the diamond. Furthermore, they offer a best price guarantee and will price match if you find a cremation diamond for less. Here are some examples of cremation diamond jewelry (not including the diamond) and their prices:

Scroll Cathedral Solitaire 14K Yellow Gold Ring Setting (Price for Jewelry setting only is $815)

Scroll Cathedral Solitaire 14K Yellow Gold Ring Setting

4-Prong Round Cut 14K White Gold Earrings Setting (Price starts at $933 for jewelry only)

4-Prong Round Cut 14K White Gold Earrings Setting

Vintage Round Cut Center 14K Yellow Gold Pendant Setting (Price for jewelry setting only is $985)

Vintage Round Cut Center 14K Yellow Gold Pendant Setting

Remember a Loved One with Glass Cremation Jewelry

Handcrafted artisan glass cremation jewelry is a unique way to memorialize a loved one. A small amount of cremation ashes is suspended within layers of glass. Because every person’s ashes are unique – so is each piece of jewelry. 

At Grateful Glass, you can shop pendants, rings, and cuffs among their other non-jewelry options, such as stones and orbs. All of their jewelry is created with a combination of pure Pyrex glass and 0.925 sterling silver. Jewelry at their site starts as low as $200 and up.

Many other types of cremation jewelry are available and start as low as only $5 for simple pieces. One popular trend is to have a small amount of the cremains placed inside the memorial jewelry, similar to how a locket works. Other designs typically have a tiny capsule built in that holds a small amount of cremated ashes that can be worn or placed on display.

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