Can You Turn a Person’s Ashes Into Diamonds?

Yes. You can turn a person’s ashes into diamonds. Carbon is used to create all diamonds, both lab-grown and natural. Therefore, carbon can be extracted from cremated ashes and used to make a memorial diamond. The international company, Heart In Diamond, works with jewelers worldwide to deliver cremation diamond jewelry at the lowest possible market-price – guaranteed.

How to Start the Process of Having Ashes Turned into a Diamond

If you want to have cremated ashes, hair, or a mixture of ashes and hair turned into an authentic diamond – the first step is to research your options. If you choose the renowned Heart In Diamond company, you have the choice to work with sensitive and compassionate consultants that can help guide you through the decision-making process and go over your choices for color, cut, setting, etc. Oftentimes, a consultant can be sent to meet you in person or via Skype/FaceTime to help guide you through the selection process during your difficult time.

One of the huge benefits customers love about purchasing cremated diamonds is that you can buy a real diamond with a clear conscious. The creation of laboratory diamonds does not cause any harm to the natural environment. Furthermore, cremation diamonds are 100 percent conflict-free and you can feel good knowing that your diamond was not mined by people and children under harsh conditions.

Sending in Your Loved One’s Ashes to Become a Diamond

Once you have decided on the diamond/setting option you want, it’s time to send in the sample. Some clients choose to combine hair from living family members, or only use ashes. When using cremated ashes, ⅔ cup (about 5.3 oz) is required. When using hair, ½  cup (about 4 oz) is required. If you do not have quite enough, it’s OK. Heart In Diamond will add generic carbon to equal the amount needed for the diamond.

Once you have collected the sample, you would send it in to the company’s laboratory. If you go with Heart In Diamond, you can relax knowing that your diamond-growing process will commence once it’s received. Plus, it will only take an average of 70-120 days (the fastest time available in the memorial diamond industry) to receive your completed diamond. In order to track your progress, you will receive a number assigned to your diamond that you can look up and see exactly where your diamond is at any time during the creation process.

Carbon is Turned into a Diamond at the Laboratory

When your sample arrives at the lab, an analysis is completed and the carbon is then extracted and added to a diamond-growing foundation. A 100 percent unique diamond is grown from this foundation when it is placed into the high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) machine that mimics the conditions found deep within the Earth.

After the diamond growing process is completed, specialists will polish and cut the diamond to meet the exact same standards used for natural diamonds. Then, your real diamond goes through the grading process using the 4 Cs: color, clarity, cut, and carat.

Your Loved One Arrives at Your Door, as a Diamond

When possible, consultants will deliver your cremation diamond or diamond jewelry personally to your door. If not, you will receive it from an authorized courier under full-insurance as to not worry about loss or damage.

Along with your memorial diamond, you will also receive a full grading report and a certificate of authenticity that guarantees your diamond is identical chemically, physically, and optically to an Earth diamond.

Memorial Diamonds Provide Comfort While Mourning and Forever

Wearing your gorgeous diamond grown from the remains of a loved one offers you peace and solace with the constant feeling of being in their presence long after their physical presence is gone.

Friends and family members will comment on and ask about your new diamond jewelry, offering you ample opportunity to celebrate their memory and work through the difficult grieving process. Furthermore, your cremation diamond will quickly become a treasured family heirloom that will certainly be passed on generation to generation.

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