How much does the average funeral cost?

Funeral costs are just as individual as the person they are held to celebrate. That being said, where does the average price for a funeral fall? A basic funeral that consists of embalming, viewing, hearse, burial, service fee, transfer of remains and more – costs on average $7,181 according to data from NFDA.

Funerals are a major expense. Know what to expect.

Death is never convenient. No matter how it happens, no one is ever ready to lose a loved one. It’s one of those difficult things in life you simply cannot prepare for.

However, there is something you can prepare for. Know the average cost of a funeral, so that whether you are making your own arrangements or could have to handle planning for a loved one – you know what to expect. Funerals are not cheap, and even with life insurance policies, most families will still have out-of-pocket expenses associated with the funeral.

When death comes to your doorstep and you are left grieving and forced to take on the role of funeral planner, the last thing you want to think about it how much is it all going to cost. However, you must.

Educate yourself today on what a typical funeral costs so that you are better prepared. If you ever find yourself in that position, you can focus on celebrating the life of a loved one and less on the financial aspect of the situation.

What is included in a basic funeral service

On average, basic funeral services cost approximately $7,181. However, this is not all-inclusive of additional add-ons that are common for many funerals. So which services are included in this figure for the “basics”? 

  • embalming
  • viewing
  • burial
  • hearse
  • service fee
  • transfer of remains

What services are not included in this estimate for a “basic” funeral? 

  • catered luncheon day of the service
  • balloon release
  • military honors burial
  • dove release
  • graveside music

Certainly, those options are not limited. People have come up with many creative ways to honor the memory of loved ones at funerals – those are just some common examples.

Funeral Costs on the Rise  

Like most things affected by inflation, the cost for funerals is also on the rise. The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) released a report that analyzed funeral costs from 2004 to 2014. According to the data they collected, the average funeral cost rose from $5,582 to $7,181 which is a 28.6 percent increase. While this may sound like a staggering incline, it’s not even close to the increase from 1980 to 1989, which was 87 percent. 

Now that you know what to expect for yours or a loved one’s final expenses – use this information to help you prepare. Whether you need to take out an insurance policy to cover your final expenses, or a helped a loved one make their plans – use this figure as a guideline and factor in the possibility of inflation. What’s nice is that many life insurance companies allow you to lock in a policy based on the current market value, so there is no better time to plan than now!

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