How Much Does it Cost to be Cremated?

Cremation costs vary greatly.

  • On the lowest end of the spectrum, some locations charge less than $1000 for basic cremation services.
  • Many providers offer cremation for a price between $3000 and $4000.
  • On the highest end – there are cremation services that charge $9,000 and more.
  • However, the national average for cremation without additional services is $2,057.

Tragedy Can Strike. Anyone. Anytime. Be Prepared

Expenses related to the cremation of a dead body is one of those things that most people never think about. In fact, the majority has no idea what a cremation service actually costs until tragedy hits home and one is forced to plan the funeral or memorial services of a loved one.

Finances are the last thing anyone wants to deal with after experiencing a loss. However, the fact remains that paying for cremation and/or funeral services is part of the process when a family member dies.

That being said, it’s best that you are aware what the typical costs for these services are, so that you know what to expect. Then, when the time comes, you can celebrate the life of your loved one instead of stressing about the financial aspect of death.

Huge Variation of Cremation Costs from One Funeral Home to the Next

No one wants to make the financial decisions about death for a loved one. Most families will accept the price for the services without questioning the stated prices. However, with the average cost for standalone cremation coming in at $2,057 – and considering many funeral homes can charge two to three times this price – it’s important to be aware of typical cremation costs. 

Even more troublesome is the fact that many funeral homes keep these prices hidden, and are legally able to do so under the Federal Trade Commission regulations. Therefore, people that are trying to shop around and compare prices online will find it difficult to gain access to the information they seek. In fact, a survey conducted by the Funeral Consumers Alliance found that a mere 25 percent of funeral homes disclose their prices online.

Pricing is highly affected by the resources, processes, and regulations applicable to the cremation service provided. For instance: do they have their own crematorium? What type of legal requirements apply to the location of the cremation? Regardless, the fact that such steep variations exist among direct providers for the same service is worth awareness. 

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Cremation Use is on the Rise

Each year, statistics show that more people are choosing cremation than any other time in history. In fact, if the trend continues as it is – by the year 2018 – more than half of all funerals will use cremation.

Several reasons exist as to why cremation use is on the rise, including: 

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