What to do with the ashes?

Several things can be done with cremated ashes. They can be buried at a cemetery or natural burial ground. Also, ashes can be scattered or divided up among family members. Many people store cremains in an urn at either a mausoleum or home. Other options exist such as turning ashes into a diamond or a painting, etc.

Cremation opens doors to remember loved ones in unique ways

People experience mixed emotions when it comes to the final arrangements of a loved one. Oftentimes, when a family member or loved one is buried in the ground, a sense of finalization or termination is felt. Once that coffin is in the ground, they are physically gone. Forever.

However, when the family decides to have the departed cremated, they actually receive the body back – only in a different form. Interestingly, the weight of cremated ashes is slightly less than that of a newborn.

When cremation is chosen, the bereaved can choose from several ways to remember and celebrate the life of their loved one long after they are gone. Popular things people do with cremated ashes include:

Hold a funeral or memorial at a unique location: When the body has been cremated, you can hold a memorial service for family and friends practically anywhere. This makes a great option for those on a budget. They can hold the ceremony privately in a home rather than paying for the services at a funeral parlor.

Bury the ashes: Cremains can be placed in an urn and buried at a local cemetery or burial ground. Many people also choose to bury the ashes on their own private property,

Divide the ashes among family members: By dividing the ashes up among family members, each person can choose what they want to do with their portion of the ashes.

Turn your loved one into a tree: The company Bio Urns offers a biodegradable urn that allows you to turn the ashes into a tree.

Store them in a unique urn: From paper maché to hand-blown glass and carved stone – a wide range of urns are available. Many of which are eco-friendly organic options.

Incorporate ashes into a work of art: There are painters and sculptors that will mix your loved one’s ashes with paint or clay in order to turn them into a garden sculpture or painting.

Turn your loved one into a diamond. Cremated ashes can be used to create a stunning diamond. The carbon is extracted from the sample and is used to create an authentic laboratory-grown diamond.

What are the laws about spreading ashes?

Laws regulating the scattering of ashes vary from state to state, so you will need to check with your specific area if you plan on doing this. However, in most states the ashes are okay to scatter on private property with the owner’s permission or on publically-owned land with permission from the agency that governs the property.

If you decide to spread the cremated ashes of a loved one at sea – you need to do it at least three nautical miles from land in accordance with the Federal Clean Water Act. Furthermore, this legislation regulates the scattering of ashes in inland waters such as lakes and rivers. If you plan on scattering the ashes in inland water, a legal permit may be required from the state agency that manages the particular waterway.

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