Cremation rings from ashes questions and answers

Have you thought about doing something unique with the cremated ashes of a loved one? Cremation rings provide the perfect opportunity to hold a loved one close you long after they have passed on. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about cremation rings.


Q. What is a cremation ring?

A. A cremation ring is a finger ring that has been created from the cremated ashes of a person who has passed away. Cremation rings and other memorial jewelry are typically worn by surviving friends, spouses, or other family members in memory of the deceased. Many types of cremation rings, exist such as: cremation diamond rings, glass bead rings, capsule rings, and others. A cremation diamond ring is a ring setting that holds a diamond made from the cremated ashes of the deceased. Some companies also suspend cremated ashes into layers of glass which are shaped like a bead or a stone and placed in a ring setting. Furthermore, there are also options for cremation rings that have the ashes swirled into a design and in a specific shape and covered with glass to keep the pattern visible.


Q.  How is carbon extracted from ashes to make cremation diamonds?

A. Cremated ashes that are sent to the company are converted into carbon by a high-temperature high-pressure machine. It’s these same types of conditions found deep below the Earth’s crust that create diamonds naturally.


Q.  What makes a cremation diamond unique or more special than a regular diamond?

A.  A cremation diamond is created customized to a person’s order and personal source of carbon. It is more unique and special than other diamonds because it’s been created from the very essence of life of a loved one and holds valuable memories.


Q.  How can I be sure my cremation ring is going to fit?

A. It depends on the type of cremation ring you are purchasing and who you are ordering it from. When you buy a cremation diamond ring, you are purchasing a high-quality piece of jewelry that you would size as if you were ordering any other type of ring. Many companies that offer the service will partner with a local jeweler where you can go in and try on several ring settings to choose the exact one you want the diamond mounted in. If you are buying a cremation ring that is made with a glass bead or an encapsulation of the cremated ashes, often these come with adjustable bands, but may also be purchased according to your appropriate ring size.


Q.  How much ashes are needed to make a cremation ring?

A. The answer to this question will depend on the type of ring you choose. In order to make a cremation diamond, ⅔ of a cup of ashes is required. If you are ordering a cremation ring that features the ashes displayed in a swirl pattern, just a teaspoon can make four to six pieces. Glass beads that are set in memorial rings require only a small teaspoon or less per piece.

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