Teardrop cremation necklace symbolizes the emotions behind grief

Anger. Bargaining. Denial. Shock. Depression. While the stages of grief are different for every single person in terms of what they feel and when they feel it, following the death of a loved one, there’s one thing that all of the bereaved have in common – shedding tears.

Death is one of those things in life that will bring you right down to your knees and pull out the tears, even in those who do not normally cry for anything. Death’s sting does not discriminate and hits people in a wide variety of intensities depending on who it is that has passed away. While losing any friend or family member hurts, the pain is particularly unbearable when that person is someone who was very close to you, such as a parent, spouse, or child.

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Cremation jewelry is designed to commemorate the life and memories you hold dear of a loved one who has passed away. Because there is deep symbolism held by cremation jewelry, it only seems fitting to have a cremation necklace made in the shape of a teardrop.

This bezel-set round cut solitaire cremation diamond pendant pays tribute to a loved one

Are you looking for a completely unique and beautiful way to celebrate the life of a loved one who passed away? This original teardrop pendant is perfect to place on a necklace so that you can wear it to remember the tears you shed for the loved one that you lost.

This droplet necklace pendant in the picture features a blue diamond, but that is not the only color you can choose. At Heart in Diamond, there are five different colors you can choose from when selecting the perfect color to memorialize your loved one, including:

  • Blue
  • White (clear)
  • Ruby-red
  • Yellow-orange
  • Green-yellow

If you are interested in buying a gorgeous raindrop necklace with a cremation diamond mounted in it to represent someone who you loved that passed away, take a look at the pendant at Heart in Diamond.

Cremation jewelry

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