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Last revised: April 19, 2018

Create Beautiful Cremation Necklaces with a Variety of Beautiful Settings  

Necklaces have always served a dual function: To accentuate the beauty of the wearer and to communicate a certain meaning to others. For example, the cross necklace started out as a way to symbolize one’s devotion to Jesus Christ; while in the 17th century, men would wear necklaces as a way of demonstrating their wealth and social status.

For hundreds of years, necklaces have also been used as a memorial after a death. Traditionally, these necklaces have encapsulated part of the deceased. For example, woven hair, or ash from the person’s incremation, have been included as a way of memorializing their lives.

Today, cremation diamonds made from the dead one’s ashes are becoming popular. A real diamond that is a tangible reminder of the deceased is appealing to many people looking for a beautiful and meaningful way to remember their loved one. And necklaces are a very popular choice when it comes to setting that diamond in a piece of cremation jewelry.

Cremation necklaces offer a variety of beautiful settings into which to place your cremation treasure so you can choose one that reflects your love for the deceased in a unique way.

The cathedral setting sets off the diamond with beautiful arches in a way that makes the stone appear larger and more striking.

The cathedral setting is most commonly used in rings as a way of making the ring the true centerpiece of the jewelry. However, this setting can also be used in cremation necklaces as a way of creating a stunning look for your cremation gem.

In a necklace, the arches are often dramatic circles or curves, at the center of which is the diamond. The arches themselves can be made of gold or silver, and may be studded with other diamonds and crystals.

The cathedral setting is large and bold. However, at the same time, its effect is not to detract from the diamond’s beauty, but rather to make the diamond stand out. In fact, the channel setting can make your diamond of however many carats appear larger. And, thanks to the fact that the arches all point to the diamond, that gem also becomes the dramatic focal point of the cremation necklace made from ashes.

The bezel setting securely holds your precious diamond in a variety of beautiful styles.

The bezel setting is characterized by a band of metal surrounding the majority of the diamond. Unlike the prong setting, it completely encases the sides of the diamond in order to prevent damage and to keep the diamond from falling out of the necklace or off the ring. As a result, the bezel setting is one of the most secure settings available for your remembrance jewelry.

While this setting does have a reputation for hiding much of the diamond’s stunning facets and features, it actually allows you to adopt a variety of beautiful styles that set off your memorial diamond in a memorable way. For example, one of our bezel set necklaces enshrines the diamond as the center of a white gold flower, while another enshrines the diamond within sleek and modern lines.

In general, in fact, the bezel setting is a more modern look, boasting clean lines that accentuate the diamond and make for a memorable look. The result is a piece of funeral jewelry that allows you to commemorate your loved one in a way that is timeless and elegant.

The cluster and halo settings maximize the sparkle and perceived size of the memorial diamond.

The cluster setting and the halo setting look similar to each other in that they both feature a center diamond surrounded by smaller jewels, such as diamonds. In the halo setting, however, there tend to be fewer surrounding crystals, and they tend to be set apart from the center diamond more clearly than with the cluster setting.

The cluster setting is different from the halo setting in that it incorporates many more small stones. Each of these stones is the same size, and they are packed tightly together. In fact, in a cluster setting, the diamonds are sometimes set so closely together that they are hard to distinguish from the single center rock. Occasionally, the cluster of small diamonds is used in place of a single center diamond.

The result of the surrounding small diamonds in both the cluster and halo settings is an abundance of facets that radiate the light in a stunning manner. In addition,  the cluster setting, because it packs the diamonds so closely together, makes the center diamond look larger from a distance. Thanks to these features, both the cluster and halo settings maximize the beauty and impact of the cremation diamond in an unforgettable way.

Shaped pendant settings incorporate the diamond into the cremation necklace by using a variety of shapes to suit your style.

A true pendant setting tends to be a simple but strikingly elegant setting that places the diamond within a specific shape. For example, you can incorporate a round diamond into a round pendant setting, or place a princess cut diamond within a suitably matched setting. For true romantic love, a heart shaped diamond can be set within a heart-shaped pendant setting.

The advantage of these shaped pendant settings is the ability to select the look you want to match both the diamond and your own personal style. For example, the sassy princess cut and pendant setting might suit your mother in law best, while the heart-shaped pendant setting might suit your spouse the best.

Commemoratory jewelry such as cremation necklaces give you the opportunity to demonstrate your love for the deceased in a beautiful and meaningful way. When you create a cremation necklace in tribute to a loved one, you have several different types of settings from which to choose.

Whether you select the cathedral setting because of its grandeur and ability to show off the diamond, the bezel setting because of its security and modern look, the cluster setting because of its ability to maximize the impact of the diamond, or a shaped pendant setting to showcase the cut of your diamond, the key is to choose a type of cremation necklace that you will love for the long term.

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