3 diamond pendants and necklaces made from cremated ashes

Last revised: April 19, 2018

Styling Your Cremation Jewelry Pendant: 5 Tips for Showing Off Your Memorial Diamond

Cremation jewelry pendants are made to honor a deceased loved one and keep their memory alive. But, they are also intended to be beautiful pieces of jewelry that are worn and enjoyed frequently. In fact, one of the advantages of cremation jewelry is that it provides a beautiful way to keep a loved one close after their death. While you cannot carry around an urn full of ashes, you can wear an eye-catching diamond around your neck or on your hand.

However, in order to take full advantage of the beauty and fashion possibilities offered by your cremation jewelry pendants, you need to understand how to wear them. Pendants are a unique type of statement jewelry that needs to be the focal point of your outfit. By wearing this type of necklace in one of the more modern, fashion-forward ways, you can draw more attention not only to your outfit and your jewelry but also to the deceased friend or family member that the cremation pendant honors.

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Make your cremation jewelry pendants the focal point of your outfit by wearing them singly or by pairing them with simpler necklaces.

Layering necklaces is a popular fashion trend nowadays. This technique fills in your neckline in order to add more pop and appeal to any outfit (but especially to more casual outfits). However, when it comes to wearing a diamond pendant, you need to be careful not to overshadow the necklace’s natural boldness with too many elements.

In order to keep your memorial diamond the focal point of your outfit, instead consider wearing your diamond pendant by itself. Doing so forces people’s eyes to the bold statement piece around your neck, instead of distracting them by giving them multiple necklaces to look at.

If you do want to layer your pendants, try to keep the other necklaces simple. Make the cremation necklace the largest, longest, and fanciest one of the group. For example, consider wearing a simple choker with your pendant, or a basic chain and plain pendant to go along with your sparkling cremation diamond. The result will be a bolder neckline that still showcases your cremation jewelry pendant.

Choose a pendant length that suits both your face shape and your neckline.

Creating cremation pendants that stand out has a great deal to do with the length of the necklace. Different lengths flatter different face shapes and necklines. As a result, you need to choose a length that will look good with both the shape of your face and the neckline of the particular outfit you are wearing. By doing so, you will ensure that the cremation pendant (and the memories it represents) does not get “lost” in your outfit.

For example, faces come in three main shapes: Round, elongated, and heart shaped. Round faces tend to benefit from longer pendants, because those necklaces lengthen the round facial features. Similarly, high necklines (such as those presented by a turtleneck), benefit from longer pendants, because the length of the cremation jewelry pendant draws the neckline (and the attention of the eyes) downward toward the pendant and makes the wearer look more slender.

Alternatively, long faces and/or low necklines benefit from shorter pendants. The reason? The shorter pendant will stand out more against the bare skin of the neckline, and will help to shorten the face.

Choose a pendant length that suits your height.

Just as face shape and neckline influence the type of cremation pendant necklace you should wear, so does your height. For example, anyone who is shorter than 5’4″ should wear a pendant necklace that sits above their collarbone. Otherwise, the necklace may make them look shorter than they are. On the other hand, anyone over 5′ 4″ can usually successfully wear a longer pendant necklace.

Similarly, neck length can impact the type of cremation necklace that looks good. Long necklaces of between 20 and 24 inches look best on shorter necks, because they help to elongate the neck.  On the other hand, shorter necklaces work well on longer necks.

Keep additional accessories simple in order to maximize the dramatic impact of your pendant made from ashes.

A pendant for necklaces is what is called a statement piece: It is intended to capture attention and add flair and interest to an outfit. As a result, other accessories, such as earrings, bracelets, and scarves, need to remain simple so they do not detract from the bold statement you are making (which, with a cremation diamond, is about your love for and memories of the deceased).

For example, consider pairing simple stud earrings with a pendant made from ashes, or choose a single bracelet to adorn your wrist. You may also decide to pair long earrings with your pendant necklace, because the length of the earrings accentuates the beautiful length of the necklace. Just make sure that the earrings themselves are not too intricate and dramatic so that they do not take away from the impact of the pendant necklace as a whole.

Choose a pendant from ashes that suits your own personal style.

Perhaps the most important tip for showing off your memorial diamond with a cremation jewelry pendant is to choose a style that matches your personality and preferences. You want and need to honor the deceased loved one with a piece of jewelry that reflects the beauty of their lives. But, if you are going to wear the piece regularly in their honor, you also need something that you feel comfortable putting on.

As a result, stay true to your personal style when selecting a pendant for necklaces. For example, if large and chunky adornment does not appeal to you, select a smaller, less dramatic style. If a cluster setting is too radiant, settle on a more modest bezel setting. The key is to end up with a pendant necklace that you will love and wear happily over the long term.

Cremation jewelry pendants offer you the opportunity to honor your loved one in a beautiful and dramatic way. By styling the pendant in a way that is attractive and appealing to you, you can have a piece of jewelry to wear and enjoy for years to come and that allows you to remember and cherish the memories of your deceased loved one.

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