Memorial jewelry has been around for centuries, and not just for women. Hundreds of years ago, men would wear certain types of jewelry right along with women to commemorate the deceased. Nowadays, however, ideas about what is masculine can hinder men who wish to honor a loved one with a memorial jewelry ring (or other type of remembrance jewelry).

Fortunately for these men, however, there are a variety of funeral jewelry rings that communicate both love and strength in a masculine way. Here is a look at the characteristics of men's cremation rings that communicate love and strength, and a look at some styles of men's rings that they can wear to send this message.

Cremation rings men’s

Men’s rings made from ashes hold a memorial of their loved one who has passed. Men’s cremation rings are generally associated with a spouse, but they can also incorporate ashes from another loved one. Cremation rings in men’s styles and sizes are custom-made from the ashes of a parent, child, or a pet. When it comes to choosing men’s rings made from ashes, there are a lot of different styles and materials. But whatever a cremation jewelry men’s ring is made from, it represents love and devotion.

Big, bold rings for men communicate strength

Dainty rings tend to be reserved for women. Small, thin bands, elegant scrolling and designs, flowery representations, and so forth are beautiful, but generally only widely acceptable when worn by women.In order to look and feel masculine, many men's rings are built differently: Big and bold.

For example, women's eternity rings boast a thin band set with a single row of small diamonds. A man's eternity ring, on the other hand, communicates strength with a much wider band. Inside this band can be set either multiple rows of diamonds, or a band of metal separating smaller diamond rows.

Metal accents can inspire love and strength in a masculine way.

Memorial jewelry for women often uses one or more gems as accents to the main diamond. For example, a halo wedding ring for women consists of a number of tiny diamonds surrounding a larger center diamond. Halo rings for men, on the other hand, are very rare, because the formation of the many diamonds is not often considered masculine.

More frequently, men's remembrance jewelry uses metal accents to communicate love and strength. For example, a different color metal might be used through the center or the edges of the ring to create a different look. Sometimes, the band of metal is the focal point of the ring, with the setting for the diamond or diamonds being along the edges or in some other, less conspicuous place.

Cremation rings for men use smaller, and fewer, gems to add that hint of gentle love to commemoratory jewelry.

When it comes to creating ashes jewelry rings as a tribute to a beloved friend or family member who has passed away, men's versions tend to follow the maxim "less is more." Instead of serving as the focal point of the ring, the diamond is often smaller and less obvious. The result is a more tender, and masculine, communication of the man's love for the dead.

For example, while a woman might sport a solitaire with a diamond of 1-2 carats as the centerpiece, a man's solitaire ring often has a much smaller diamond set within a wider band of metal. Even modern bands for men, which more frequently put the diamond front and center, tend to keep the jewel smaller.

Again, the point of the smaller rock and the emphasis on metal such as silver or gold, is to create a strong yet loving look for the band. With wide bands of metal and smaller stones, the man can tuck his commitment and remembrance within a setting that also exudes masculinity.

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Here are some examples of how certain types of cremation rings for men inspire love and strength in a uniquely masculine way.

Traditional men's cremation ring

A traditional look for a men's diamond cremation ring consists of a square or rectangular top in which is placed one or more small memorial diamonds. This look communicates strength, with the small sparkle of the tiny diamond informing those who notice it that this man has a deep and enduring love for someone deceased.

Vintage men's cremation ring

The vintage look for a man's memorial ring generally has to do more with the style of the band than with the diamond itself, though a vintage look allows for a larger (and therefore more noticeable) diamond than other styles. The band in a vintage ring tends to have an "older" look, with darker metals and more intricate engraving and is fitting for someone wanting to look and feel like an old-time gentleman. The darker metal communicates strength, while the diamond adds that hint of love and respect that the man feels for the deceased.

Modern cremation rings for men

Sharp, clean lines and small diamonds define the modern diamond men's ring. Channel settings are common in this type of ring, featuring several tiny diamonds set within a "channel" of precious metal. The channel setting is ideal for adding a bit of sparkle and gentleness to the ring, while retaining the bold, strong look that many men prefer.

Men's solitaire diamond ring

The solitaire diamond is a trademark style choice for both men and women. However, the men's solitaire diamond ring differs from the woman's in that it often sets the memorial diamond flush with the band. A parallel shoulder is common, as is sharp-edged shapes and wide bands. A silver or gold band in this style, paired with a diamond made from the ashes of a loved one, adds a sparkle and solemnity to the look that is both strong and loving.

Men's bezel set diamond rings

A bezel set diamond is set within a circular ridge of precious metal instead of the more traditional prongs. This setting is far more common among men's rings than is the prong setting. It serves to integrate the diamond more completely into the ring as a whole in order to achieve a strong, masculine look without sacrificing the sense of love and tenderness that is also desired from the jewelry.

Men who have lost a loved one to death can now wear a ring that communicates love and strength in a masculine way. Through the use of big, bold rings; metal accents, and smaller but strategically placed gems, a man can inspire love and strength through his remembrance jewelry. The right choice of mourning jewelry can achieve a lasting memorial for the one he wants to be remembering for the rest of his life.

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