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Last revised: April 19, 2018

3 Ways in Which Pet Ashes Made Into Jewelry Will Help You Remember Your Pet Forever

Pets become an integral part of our lives. From nudging us awake every morning to snuggling with us every night before bed, they are a beloved part of the ebb and flow of our daily lives. When a treasured pet dies, it can feel as if a part of you has died too.

The grief that follows from the death of such an important friend can be intense and life changing. Some pet owners take years to get over the loss of their animal. A part of this grief, for many people, is a strong desire to memorialize their pet in some way, to hold on to the happy memories they have in a tangible and beautiful form.

Memorials are widely recognized as an important element in remembering the deceased.

Psychologists and grief experts recognize that the creation of memorials around the loss of a loved one, either pet or human, can be a healthy way to remember the deceased. For example, some experts list creating memorials as an integral step in the healing process. Others encourage the mourner to talk about their sadness, while grief rituals, such as funerals and ash scatterings, serve as concrete ways to honor the life of the loved one.

Each memorial serves our memories by giving us a concrete object upon which to focus as we grieve, honor, and remember our loved one. By its very existence, the memorial testifies to the significance of our loved one, of their life, and of our grief. As such, it preserves in some form the memories and value of the lost animal or human, even after we have passed away.

Pet ashes made into jewelry is one way in which pet owners have begun to build these kinds of memorials to their beloved animals.

To this end, people have been taking ashes, and other remains, and turning them into jewelry for centuries. Now, this habit is becoming one which is pursued by many pet owners looking for a way to pay tribute to their dearly departed animals.
Turning pet ashes into jewelry can take a variety of forms, from ensconcing the cremains in a wearable urn to having the ashes incorporated into a piece of blown glass. However, when it comes to finding a meaningful way to manage remember a lost pet, the cremation diamond can be particularly helpful. Here are three ways in which using cremation diamonds to create jewelry from pet ashes can help you to remember your pet forever.

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Jewelry from pet ashes allows you to preserve your memories through the size, color, style, and setting of the cremation diamond.

One of the elements of an effective memorial is its ability to evoke the emotions and details of the memories it represents. For example, the statue of the soldiers on Iwo Jima preserves forever the intensity and poignancy of the moment they raised the American flag on the island.

A cremation diamond, similarly, allows you to preserve your memories by allowing you to choose how the diamond, and the piece of jewelry as a whole, look. From 9 different sizes, multiple cuts, and 5 colors, to more than 500 jewelry settings, you can craft jewelry from your pet’s ashes that reminds you every time you look at it of your unique animal. And that can help you to recall all those precious memories you want to preserve in your heart and mind forever.

Turning pet ashes into jewelry through the use of a cremation diamond allows you to keep your pet close.

A memorial can only evoke the right feelings and memories if it is seen and touched. By hiding your pet’s ashes away in an urn (even a wearable one), you make it harder to revisit the tangible pieces of your pet that will help you remember them. When you choose a cremation diamond, however, you choose to keep your pet close to you throughout all time.

Because the ashes become part of the diamond itself, the cremation diamond, and the jewelry into which it is placed, are tangible parts of your animal that you can look at and touch at will. Whether you are going to the office, or hanging out with your friends, you can keep your beloved animal companion, and all of your memories of them, close. All you have to do is steal a glance or touch the jewelry to immediately feel closer to your pet and be reminded of the joy and light they brought to your life.

Cremation diamond jewelry from the ashes of pets allows you to build a monument to your pet’s life that will last for generations.

The best memorials are those that last through the years. They do not fade, crumble, or fall apart for generations, which means that the memories they preserve are kept intact even after the original builder of the monument is gone. Similarly, a cremation diamond boasts a sturdiness that will enable it to last, unscathed, through the generations.

Other types of crystals, glass, and urns simply cannot last as long as a diamond because they do not have the innate strength and scratch free properties that a diamond possesses. A diamond, on the other hand, has been made to endure throughout all time. By choosing a cremation diamond to make jewelry from the ashes of your pet, you are choosing a memorial that will last the rest of your life and that you can pass down when you are gone. And that means that the memories of your precious pet will be preserved forever.

Creating jewelry from the ashes of pets can help you to walk through the darkness of your grief. The bright, sparkling cremation diamond will remind you of your pet’s personality and beauty. By wearing it regularly, you can keep your memories of your pet close. And by choosing a cremation diamond, you can keep that precious tribute to your pet year after year so that you never forget the impact that animal had on your life.

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