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Last revised: December 28, 2018

What to do with pet ashes? Consider turning them into memorial diamonds!

When it comes to handling the remains of beloved pets, people are increasingly choosing cremation. Of the 1.9 million pets handled by the pet death business in 2012, for example, 99 percent were cremated.

When presented with the cremains (ashes) of their pets, many owners find themselves at a loss about what to do with them. They may not have given any thought to the fact that cremation would yield up to 5 pounds of ashes that they would need to take care of.

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When dealing with pet loss, it is best to be aware of your options. From burying the ashes to placing them on a mantel to turning them into a memorial, you have many choices.

To avoid this sense of surprise and confusion, many veterinarians and pet loss professionals recommend planning ahead for the loss and cremation of your pet. Doing so, they say, makes it easier for you to choose a way of honoring them that is right for you, and it keeps you from having to make hasty decisions at a time of great personal grief.

However, in order to make the right decision regarding the use of your pet’s cremains, you need to know which options are available to you. Recently, many different avenues have opened up for handling pet cremains. Here are just a few:

  • Burial of the cremains

  • Storage of cremains in an urn

  • Scattering of the ashes in a meaningful spot

  • Placement of the cremains inside jewelry

  • Transformation of the cremains into fireworks

  • Sending of the ashes into outer space

  • Incorporation of the pet’s ashes into a portrait of them

  • Creation of a memorial diamond made from the pet’s ashes

The choice you make will depend very much upon your personal preferences. However, if you are seeking a way to memorialize your pet that is meaningful, permanent, and beautiful, and that allows you to keep your pet close, you can hardly do better than to go with the last option: The creation of a memorial diamond using your pet’s cremains.

You can even turn your cat into a diamond.

Turning a pet’s ashes to diamonds reflects the trend of honoring deceased pets in the same way that deceased humans are honored.

You may have noticed that many of the ways in which you can handle a pet’s cremains reflect the ways in which human ashes are honored. Recently, pet owners have begun to embrace the fact that their relationship with their pets is as strong as many of their human relationships.

And, at least one scientific study agrees, finding that people tended to rank their relationships with their pets as equal to or exceeding the intimacy they experienced with many close human relationships. Because pets hold such a treasured place in many people’s lives, they deserve to be honored in the same ways that deceased human loved ones are honored.

Turning a pet’s (such as a dog’s) ashes to diamonds allows you to do just that. Just as you want to keep a human loved one close after their death, so you may want to keep your pet close after death. And just as a memorial diamond allows you to do so in a tangible and beautiful way, so does a memorial diamond from a pet’s ashes.

While turning a pet’s cremains to diamonds may not be the cheapest option, it is one of the most meaningful.

Some pet owners shy away from turning their pet’s ashes to diamonds because they are reluctant to spend “extra” money on caring for their deceased animal. And the process of turning your pet into a diamond does cost more than a typical cremation and burial/storage in an urn.

However, turning a cremated pet into jewelry is also more meaningful than many other options. It is the only choice that will keep the actual remains of your pet near you in the form of a stunning forever gem like a diamond. And it is the only option that can literally capture the sparkle of your pet’s personality and the beauty they brought to your life.

With a Heart In Diamond gem, turning a cremated pet into a diamond can also be cheaper and faster than you expected, making it even easier to choose the beauty and meaning of a memorial diamond.

Of course, the cost and the wait you experience at Heart In Diamond is far more manageable than that which you will experience anywhere else. We offer the lowest rates and the fastest production times in the industry, thanks to the fact that we own our own production facilities.

When you send us your pet’s cremains, we keep them throughout the entire process. We remove the carbon and place it in a high pressure, high temperature environment to transform it into a beautiful diamond. And we cut and set the resulting diamond in the style of jewelry that you select. The result is a breathtaking memorial diamond set within a stunning piece of jewelry for a cost and at a speed that is a fraction of what you will get anywhere else.

As a result, it is easier than ever to choose the beauty and meaning of a memorial diamond. If you feel that your pet will best be honored with one of these gems, do not hesitate to turn your pet’s ashes into diamonds. The result will be a permanent and beautiful memorial to your beloved animal companion.


Pet ashes to diamond

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