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Last revised: April 19, 2018

What to Do with Your Pet’s Ashes: 5 Suggestions

With more than 800 pet cemeteries and crematoriums in North America as of 2012, and with almost 2 million pet cremations performed that same year, the need for memorial options that include pet ashes is evident.

It is also clear that having meaningful ways to deal with the remains of pets is an important element in handling grief. People love their animals, and many grief experts recognize that grief over the loss of a pet is as painful and as complex as grief over the loss of a human companion.

Creating a memorial or a meaningful goodbye for your beloved pet can serve as a healing way to deal with this grief. Just as building monuments, plaques, and tributes to a deceased person can help bring closure, so can honoring the life of your pet. So, if you are wondering what to do with your pet’s ashes, here are a few of the options from which you can choose.

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Scatter your pet’s ashes.

Just as many people choose to scatter the ashes of human loved ones, so do they often opt to scatter the ashes of their beloved pets. The ashes can be placed into an urn for safekeeping, and transported to a meaningful location (such as a park where you used to walk your dog or even your backyard). There, the ashes can be scattered as a way of honoring your pet and finding closure during a difficult time.

Place your pet’s ashes in an urn and then keep them close or bury them in a meaningful location.

When wondering what to do with your pet’s ashes, you can always consider putting those ashes in an urn. These decorative containers are made specifically to serve as a beautiful resting place for a person’s or an animal’s cremains. As such, they come in a wide variety of beautiful forms (from blown glass to hand carved wood to biodegradable capsules) to match your pet and your own personal preferences. You can then put the urn in a place of honor (such as on the mantel or beside your bed), or you can choose to bury it in a meaningful location.

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Create memorial jewelry by placing your pet’s ashes inside a compartment in a ring or necklace.

Memorial, or cremation, jewelry allows you to preserve the memory of your precious pet long after they have passed away. This jewelry often comes in the form of a necklace (though you can also purchase rings). The ring or necklace contains a small compartment into which you can place a tiny portion of your pet’s cremains. You can then wear the jewelry as a way of keeping your pet close and honoring their life.

Commission blown glass that incorporates your pet’s ashes.

Some pet owners opt to have their pet’s ashes incorporated into hand blown glass objects. Typically, these objects are pendants for a necklace, though they can also be sun catchers, or other decorative pieces. Sometimes they can be shaped into a paw print and/or have your pet’s name engraved upon them. Usually, the ashes are visible in these pieces, and they come with bright colors that make them both beautiful and memorable.

Choose a less traditional method of handling your pet’s ashes.  

There are also a number of less traditional methods of handling your pet’s ashes. One of these is to send your pet’s ashes into space. While generally a more expensive option, it provides a sense of peace and closure for some pet owners.

Another less traditional method is to have your pet’s ashes incorporated into a fireworks display. When the fireworks go off, they spread the ashes over the area in a dramatic display of your love.

A third unusual option for what to do with your dog’s ashes (or with any pet’s ashes) is to have them used in a portrait of the animal. A small amount of ash is mixed with the paint, and an artist uses that paint to create a life-like image of your pet.

Finally, you can opt to have your animal’s ashes become part of a coral reef. The ashes are mixed with concrete, which is then lowered to the sea floor. Once there, it serves as a place where a thriving coral reef can grow.

Turn your pet’s ashes into a beautiful and real diamond.  

An increasingly popular option for what to do with a pet’s ashes is the cremation diamond, such as those made here at Heart-In-Diamond. These diamonds serve as gorgeous ways to preserve a piece of your pet for the long term. Instead of putting the ashes themselves into a compartment within the jewelry, you can have those cremains transformed into a real diamond that is the perfect size, cut, and color to remind you of your pet.

These diamonds are formed through a process that mimics the conditions that create diamonds in the Earth. In particular, the carbon is removed from the ash and placed in a high pressure, high temperature environment. Within a few months, the carbon has grown into a lovely diamond.

The diamonds formed through this process have the same chemical and physical properties as do real diamonds, and they are graded according to the same 4C’s that are used to define the quality of natural diamonds. But, they possess even more meaning and beauty than real diamonds because they are a tangible piece of your beloved animal. Once placed in a setting of your choice, these cremation diamonds serve as a permanent reminder of your pet’s beautiful life.

Thanks to the fact that many of these options only require a small portion of your pet’s ashes, you can often choose more than one way of honoring your deceased animal. For example, you can choose to have a cremation diamond made and bury the rest of the ashes in an urn. Whatever you decide to do, the key is to choose something that will reflect the beauty and meaning of your pet’s life and help you to find some peace in the midst of your grief.

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