5 Types of Jewelry for Pet Ashes, and How Cremation Diamonds Outshine Them All

The loyalty and love of pets cannot be matched. That is why the deaths of these beloved companions can be as traumatic for their owners as is the death of a close friend or family member. In the face of this grief,  it is important for bereaved pet owners to find a way to memorialize their animal and work through their grief.

To this end, many pet owners choose to turn ashes into jewelry in order to honor their pets. By taking the cremains of their beloved animal and turning them into something beautiful and wearable, they create a tangible memorial that they can keep close whenever they need to. And that sense of closeness can help to ease their grief.

There are a number of options for turning ashes into jewelry in tribute to one’s pets. However, each of these options fades in comparison to cremation diamonds, and the beauty and significance these gems bring to the practice of memorializing a deceased pet. Here is a look at 5 options for turning a pet’s ashes into jewelry, and a look at how cremation diamonds outshine them all.

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Use a wearable urn.

One option for jewelry for pet ashes is the wearable urn. As its name indicates, this type of jewelry features a tiny urn (usually less than two inches in length and width) designed to hold a small amount of ashes (usually a quarter teaspoon or so). These urns are often elegantly designed, made of sterling silver or stainless steel, and include diamonds, other gems, or crystals, as well as engravings (such as paw prints or initials) that customize the urn.

Wear cremation jewelry.

Another option for turning ashes to jewelry for a pet is to purchase a piece of memorial jewelry. This jewelry contains a small compartment into which the ashes can be placed. While it functions similarly to a wearable urn, it tends to be designed less like a container and more like a pendant (common shapes are crosses and hearts) or like a modern piece of jewelry. It can be made using any type of precious metal and with any type of gems or crystals adorning it.

Turn ashes into jewelry for a deceased pet by incorporating their ashes into a blown glass pendant.

Some businesses allow you to turn your pet’s cremains into a beautiful piece of jewelry by incorporating the ashes into a piece of blown glass that then becomes (most often) part of a necklace. Hand crafting is a hallmark of this type of jewelry, as is customization to the desired size, shape, and color. The ashes are visible through the glass, and their pattern makes every piece of jewelry unique.  

Have your pet’s ashes turned into a cremation crystal.

A fourth option for turning ashes into jewelry to honor a pet is a cremation crystal placed within a jewelry setting. These crystals are formed from the cremains of the deceased animal and can be made to look like real gems. They can be purchased in a variety of sizes and colors and used as pendants for jewelry or in other types of settings (i.e.  rings).  

Layer the ashes within your memorial jewelry.

Finally, you can layer your pet’s ashes within the memorial jewelry without turning it into glass, or crystals and without hiding the ashes inside a container. For example, you can place the ashes within an inlay so that they become the star of the jewelry or harden the ashes so they can become a stand alone pendant. These choices are most common in rings and necklace pendants.

Cremation diamonds outshine these other options for turning ashes into jewelry to honor your animal for a number of reasons, from cost to appearance.

These alternatives for turning a pet’s ashes into jewelry may look and sound appealing. However, when it comes to tangibly and beautifully memorializing your pet, none of these options can compare to the quality, beauty, and significance of cremation diamonds. These diamonds offer a number of advantages that other options simply cannot.

  • Cremation diamonds have the same unmatched beauty of natural diamonds.
    Diamonds have been revered for centuries because of their unmistakable radiance. When properly cut, they reflect the sun in dozens of directions, making them unmatched in both beauty and appeal. As real diamonds, with all the physical and chemical properties of natural diamonds, cremation diamonds provide this same stunning beauty. When you choose to turn your pet’s ashes into jewelry through the use of a cremation diamond, you choose to honor your pet with the brightest, most radiant gem on Earth.
  • Cremation diamonds are durable enough to last for generations.
    Diamonds were originally made popular with the slogan “Diamonds are forever,” and that durability is what makes these gems a preferred family heirloom for countless pieces of jewelry. Cremation diamonds, similarly, have the same exceptional strength and scratch resistant nature as natural diamonds. As such, they too can become a treasured heirloom passed down through generations as a way to honor the life of your beloved animal.
  • Cremation diamonds allow you to customize your pet’s memorial.
    Most of the jewelry for pet ashes listed above gives you some degree of control over what the finished product looks like. However, with cremation diamonds, you enjoy a range of options that is unmatched by those other alternatives. For example, you select the size, the color, and the cut of the diamond, as well as the jewelry setting into which it is placed and the type of jewelry that is created with the diamond. As a result, you can craft a tribute to your beloved pet that truly reflect your animal’s personality and the light and beauty they brought into your life.
  • Cremation diamonds are an affordable way to create a precious pet memorial.
    Many pet owners do not have a great deal of money to put toward the creation of memorials for their animals. Some of the jewelry options discussed above might appeal to them because of their generally lower price tags. However, cremation diamonds are relatively affordable for even tight budgets. Costing up to 30 percent less than natural diamonds, these gems allow you to build a precious memorial for less than the cost of any other piece of diamond jewelry. And, with our payment plans, you can put 20 percent down and pay the rest in equal monthly installments for up to 2 years.

The beauty, durability, customization and affordability of cremation diamonds make them an excellent choice for any pet owner looking to honor the life of their pet with a piece of jewelry. These gorgeous gems capture the sparkling personality and beautiful life of your pet, allowing you to keep them and your memories of them close to you forever.

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