The Story of Daisy

I became the mommy to my poodle when I moved in with my ex. She was 3 years old, and we bonded immediately. Daisy’s siblings were all in my ex’s family, so I guess you could say she was a family dog. She was pretty skittish and shy, but those were reasons why we bonded so quickly. We all hiked together frequently and had a great time. That is, until the relationship with my ex went south.

My then-boyfriend and I got into a huge fight about 2 years after I moved in. He got physically violent with me. Daisy hid under the bed during the entire ordeal. He moved out of our apartment, leaving me with Daisy. So I became her full-time mommy. We were inseparable. The little poodle understood me like no other dog, and she was so sensitive to my feelings. It was a match made in heaven.

But almost a year later, Daisy passed away unexpectedly. My grief was overwhelming because I lost my best friend. I had her cremated because I wanted to keep the memory of her alive in some way. But I didn’t know what to do with her ashes. That’s when I found out about Heart in Diamond, and how they turn pet’s ashes into diamonds. So I sent them just a bit of Daisy’s ashes, and they made me a beautiful diamond pendant that I wear every single day. Heart in Diamond made coping with Daisy’s loss a lot easier, and gave me a way to pay tribute to my little girl.

The Story of Finn

Finn was my best friend ever since we met. He was a cute little rat terrier mix, and I chose him when a friend’s dog had puppies. Finn was a small guy, but very inquisitive and brave. He loved going on walks, chasing rabbits, and playing with his favorite stuffed animal. My wife and I took him everywhere with us. Finn loved to hang out of the window of our car while we were driving. It didn’t matter if it was cold or not; he loved being outside.

One day, Finn didn’t seem like himself all of a sudden. He was 8, but in good health. We took him to his yearly vet visits and fed him quality food. This particular day, he wouldn’t eat. He just laid on his bed looking at me sadly. I could tell something was wrong. I was on the phone with our vet to see if they could squeeze us in that morning. Finn began to have a seizure right in front of us. And a few minutes later, he was laying unresponsive on the floor. We lost our little Finn. To help us with our grief, we contacted Heart in Diamond for a way to use his ashes in some way. My wife chose a blue stone in earrings made from Finn’s ashes. It sounds crazy, but it was really a comforting way to remember our Finn. She wears them to this day.

The Story of Gibson

Gibson the Golden Retriever was a member of our family, and when he died, our kids took it pretty hard. Gibson lived a long, full life. We decided to have him cremated instead of burying him. We used his ashes to have a ring made that our daughter could wear. The process was quick, easy, and worth it. Thank you Heart in Diamond, for giving us the opportunity to keep Gibson’s memory alive.

The Story of Caesar

Getting your pet’s ashes made into jewelry was the best decision I ever made. My German Shepherd Caesar was literally my rescue dog when I was in high school. One night when my parents were out, I heard a strange noise in our yard. Caesar started barking and growling, and I knew something was wrong. The next thing I knew, a man was smashing open my bedroom window and getting inside our house. I screamed, and just as the man turned towards me, Caesar jumped on him. The burglar’s gun went flying. Caesar saved my life.

So when he passed onto the Rainbow Bridge last year, needless to say that I was crushed. He died of old age, but it didn’t make it any easier to deal with. Our family had Caesar cremated, which I thought was strange at the time. I wanted to bury him in my parent’s backyard, but in the end I didn’t have the final say. However, Heart in Diamond made it possible to remember Caesar in the most beautiful way. I absolutely love jewelry, particularly red stones. I was able to turn his ashes into the most amazing ring. I couldn’t believe how simple it was. And now, when people ask my about my ring, I tell them about my hero Caesar.

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