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Last revised: April 19, 2018

Think Dog Ashes into Jewelry Is Unusual? Here Are Some Truly Off Beat Ways Pet Owners Have Chosen to Memorialize Their Pets Through Jewelry

For many people, turning their dog’s ashes into jewelry with the use of a cremation diamond is a perfect way to memorialize their pet. The beauty of precious metal and the sparkle of gems are ideal for capturing the sparkle and beauty of their canine friend’s personality.

However, some people think that the process of turning the ashes of a dog into jewelry is a little strange. What they may not realize is that preserving the remains of a loved one is a time honored tradition. And they may not realize that within the world of memorial jewelry, there are some truly weird alternatives. Here are just a few of them.

These options are not only for celebrity dogs, now everyone can do this.

Necklaces (and Rings) Made from Your Dog’s Tooth

One off beat way of creating jewelry from a dog’s remains is to use their teeth in a necklace or a ring. These pieces of jewelry allow you to send in one of your animal’s teeth (either a puppy tooth they lost and you preserved or an adult tooth you have extracted), where it will be turned into a piece of jewelry. This jewelry can consist of the actual tooth hanging from a chain, the tooth encased within a pendant, or a sterling silver charm made from a mold of the tooth.

Nose Print Necklaces Made from Your Dog’s Nose.

Some people believe that a dog’s nose print is as unique as a human’s fingerprint. For anyone wanting to preserve this unique part of their dog, some necklaces allow you to save this nose print as a wearable pendant. These types of jewelry use an impression of your dog’s nose to make a mold. A pendant or charm is then created out of this mold using sterling silver. The resulting charm can be used in a necklace, and preserves all or part of your dog’s nose print as a wearable piece of jewelry.

Paw Print Necklaces

Similar to the nose print necklaces, paw print necklaces can be created from your dog’s paw. You make the impression of the paw using a pre made kit and send the impression to the company. The business then creates a mold and pendant or charm from the mold using sterling silver. The result is a piece of your dog’s paw print, with all of the shapes and textures of your dog’s paw, that you can wear on a chain.

Wearable Urns

Finally, you can choose a wearable pet urn containing your canine’s ashes. Designed for beauty, these urns also include tiny compartments to hold a small portion of your dog’s ashes. Some of them are engravable so you can add any message or initials or dates you prefer. These tiny urns come in a variety of shapes and materials, though most are made of stainless steel and come as necklaces intended to be worn with any outfit at any time to help you remember your pet and keep them close.

Cremation diamonds allow you to turn your dog’s ashes into a beautiful piece of jewelry without using a strange or off beat method of preserving those remains.

If you want to turn the ashes of your beloved dog into jewelry, but you do not want to embrace anything too off beat, or you do not want to make it obvious that you are wearing your dog’s remains, cremation diamonds can serve as a beautiful and meaningful choice.

In the process of forming a cremation diamond, the carbon from the ashes is extracted and placed within a high pressure, high temperature environment. Under these conditions, the carbon grows into a stunning, and real, diamond. This gem has all of the physical and chemical properties (and all of the beauty) of a natural diamond. It will also be graded according to the same 4 Cs that are used to grade natural diamonds.

Once that diamond has been grown, it can be cut according to your specifications and placed into the jewelry setting of your choice so that you end up with a piece of memorial jewelry that reflects the personality, beauty, and life of your beloved dog.

At the end of the process, you have a stunning diamond ring, necklace, or earring that rivals the beauty of any other type of diamond jewelry. However, this piece of jewelry has special significance, because when you wear it, you know that you are keeping your beloved dog close.

What other people see (unless you tell them) is a stunning piece of jewelry that goes perfectly with any attire, from casual to business to dressy, and everything in between. What you see is a gorgeous piece of real diamond jewelry that reminds you every time you wear it of your beloved dog and that serves as a precious memorial to the beauty and meaning of their life. Far from being strange, that is a precious way to honor a precious pet.

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