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Last revised: March 21, 2019

The fascinating history of Cremation jewelry will surprise you

Historically, mourning jewelry has been a time honored way of remembering those who have passed away. Heart In Diamond allow our loved one’s legacy to live on happily ever after they are gone.

Mourning occurs when we begin to process what has occurred and how we plan to deal with the ‘void’ that has now been left in our life. Author Jade Kramer explains that “[w]hile grief is the emotional reaction/response to loss, mourning is the process one undertakes to deal with the void that is now left. Mourning is the process of acclimating to living a life without this special someone or something”. Author Jill Scott wrote that “[i]n the absence of more prescribed mourning practices, small ceremonies and symbolic gestures will inevitably crop up. People will create makeshift memorials as places to gather in times of grief, to place a flower, light a candle or just reflect in silence.”

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Heart in Diamond cremation jewelry honors a life well-lived. It reflects the important history of mourning jewelry which began in the 16th century and is a reminder of laughter, love and memories shared.

In the 16th century mourning jewelry was referred to as “memento mori (‘remember you must die’) jewelry…with motifs such as skulls and skeletons to remind the wearer of their mortality and to encourage prayer for the dead. It wasn’t until the 17th century that jewelry was created in memory of specific individuals”. These traditional rings were meant to be worn everyday as a reminder of our loved ones that influenced our lives in countless ways

Queen Victoria is the most well-known mourner because she went into a state of mourning for several decades. To honour her late Prince Albert, Queen Victoria “took to wearing black jet jewelry, from Whitby, in Yorkshire. As a limited and fairly difficult medium to work with, jet was expensive. It’s a hard material, requiring skilled craftsmanship to avoid breakage during carving”. Even though mourning jewelry has been developed in the form of necklaces, earrings and pendants, traditionally, “rings were without a doubt the most common of the original mourning jewelry that would have been worn, and were paid for by using the returns [monetary returns] that came back from the individual who had passed on”.Rings would have been a logical choice as they could have been worn everyday and with any piece of clothing.

Carry your loved one with you everyday with a Heart In Diamond creation. Honor the memory of your loved one by keeping them close to you every day.

Queen Victoria was not alone in her wearing of exquisite and breathtaking jewelry to honor her husband. The tradition of wearing cremation jewelry that triggers a warm memory of a great life lived, has been recurring all over the world. According to Erica Weiner, a collector of mourning jewelry, “[p]eople started making memorial jewelry because there was no photography, and if your loved one died you wanted something as a touchstone to remember them every day.” No one wants to go from seeing, touching and hugging their loved one every day to having to visit a cemetery and flowers at a tombstone.

Some people choose to carry photos with them as well but this can lead to uncomfortable questions or the sharing of stories that cause more emotional pain than we wish to share that day. Cremation jewelry with diamonds allows you to keep your loved close to you while being reminded of their love, warmth and strength. Like the historical rings and lockets of the 16th and 17th century, Heart In Diamond jewelry is not meant to be kept in a jewelry box. Traditionally, keepsake lockets can also be made with a glass pane at the front so that what is inside can be seen without opening the locket. Such lockets are generally used for items like locks of hair which could fall out and become lost if the locket were repeatedly opened. Heart In Diamond was designed and created to keep a part of your loved one close to you.

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