People find psychological comfort by wearing cremation jewelry

Lost. Empty. Alone. Devastated. Emotions brought about by the death of a close loved one are incredibly intense and difficult to bear.

“The best way I know how to describe losing one of the closest people in your life is that if feels like someone took away your oxygen and you’re expected to breathe. The problem is, how do you breathe without air? That’s what it feels like. Something vital is taken from you, and you are expected to continue on. But how can you?” – Quote from a young woman who lost her mother at 19 years old

Difficult journey through the grieving process

Because these emotions are so paralyzing to the person grieving, any little thing that they can hold onto for comfort can mean the world to the bereaved. Whether it’s a picture, a favorite piece of clothing, or even just the familiar fragrance of the loved one’s favorite perfume, these small tokens become the most precious reminders of that person who passed away.

Pictures fade. Clothing tatters. Perfume runs out. While all these things induce memories, they are not unique keepsakes that can be kept close to the heart of the survivors and serve as a lasting reminder. However, cremation jewelry can.

Cremation jewelry provides comfort in dark hours

Turning the cremated ashes of a loved one into a piece of jewelry (cremation diamonds, glass jewelry, beads, etc.) provides psychological comfort for the bereaved in the following ways:

  • Cremation jewelry offers comfort because it’s a tangible way to keep a loved one physically close for years to come.
  • Wearing a piece of cremation jewelry, especially one that is striking and unique such as a cremation diamond, creates opportunities to share memories of a loved one with others. It serves as a great conversation piece when someone asks about the jewelry, the wearer finds comfort in sharing the significance of the piece.
  • The physical absence of a loved one is a hard reality to accept and work passed. By having the actual ashes of a loved one transformed into something timeless and physical, there is psychological comfort in knowing their body is close by. Whereas a traditional funeral and burial creates a sense of finality when that casket is lowered into the ground and their body is never seen again. With cremation, the actual body is given back, only in a different form. Furthermore, the options become available to have these remains turned into a stunning, sentimental piece that quickly becomes a family heirloom.
  • Choosing a unique design and style for the cremation jewelry provides a distraction in which the person who is grieving can focus on selecting the perfect memorial jewelry. When someone is grieving the death of a loved one, processes that involve planning, such as the funeral arrangements or selection cremation jewelry, can actually settle their mind and emotions as they focus on making memorable decisions.
  • A sense of closeness is experienced when the person wears cremation jewelry that is symbolic of their loved one. For example, if the person who passed away loved the color blue, when the survivor wears a blue memorial diamond, they may feel connected to their loved one.
  • Losing a loved one can trigger feelings of helplessness like there is nothing that can be done to fix the situation. Wearing cremation jewelry is a way to pay tribute to a loved one and acknowledge their importance, which makes the survivor feel like they took an action that was within their control.

Cremation jewelry

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