Cremation rings for ashes

When a loved one passes, there are two options for lovingly dealing with their body: burial and cremation. The process of cremation leaves behind ashes that can then be used in a cremation ring as a tribute to the deceased loved one. Cremation rings are customizable, and you can choose diamonds or birthstones. Cremation rings for ashes will last forever, and ensure that the memory of your loved one lasts as well. Here is a guide on cremation diamond rings to honor your loved one.

Among the many types of funeral jewelry, rings have probably the longest history behind them. In fact, rings in general have dominated the world of jewelry for thousands of years. So ubiquitous is their presence that only three cultures throughout history have been known to avoid wearing rings.

Rings made from ashes

Diamonds were not always used in memorial jewelry (or any jewelry at all, for that matter). In the beginning, pieces of hair, ash, nails, or even blood encased between plates of glass were used as the centerpieces of remembrance jewelry and unique cremation jewelry rings.

The first time diamonds were used in a ring was in 1477, when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave a diamond engagement ring to his beloved, Mary of Burgundy. From there the use of diamonds in rings gradually increased. When it comes to a ring made from ashes, using diamonds in tribute to the deceased is becoming very common. In particular, the use of rings made from cremation ashes is gaining traction.

The reason for the increase in popularity of this type of memorial jewelry ring lies in the permanence of the diamond. Any other monument will eventually collapse, break, or wear out. A diamond, however, preserves the cremains of the loved one generation after generation. And, this permanent memorial is beautiful. From rich red to sparkling white, from the classic round diamond to the modern cushion cut, the shape and colors of the cremation diamond (and cremation ring) are customizable. The result? An eye-catching tribute ring made from cremation ashes that perfectly matches their personality and the impact they had on your life.

Rings made from ashes of loved ones can promote healing in those who are grieving. They may serve as a gentle reminder of good memories and experiences. Rings made from human ashes is a wonderful way to pay tribute to someone you love who has passed. The process to make rings made out of cremation ashes is quite innovative, and more people are choosing to remember their loved ones this way.

That is why, if you wish to engage in the act of remembering a loved one who has passed away, you can hardly do better than to select a cremation ring. By forging a diamond made from their cremains, and by placing it in a beautiful setting, you can keep their memory close forever.

When it comes to creating memorial jewelry, a ring makes an excellent choice because there are so many different types from which to choose. From eternity rings to halos, vintage rings, and more, this variety allows anyone to find the setting that works best for them.

Solitaire ring

A solitaire is a traditional ring that uses the diamond as the centerpiece. Often, the diamond is the only stone on the ring, but sometimes, other tiny crystals or diamonds will be set along the band or tucked away in the sides. The memorial diamond may also be set either with prongs or in a bezel setting that encases all but the top part of the gem.

Eternity ring

An eternity ring symbolizes the undying nature of love. Its traditional form is a precious metal band with small diamonds set around it. These rings incorporate memorial diamonds of less than one carat and can also incorporate other stones (such as birth stones) to memorialize the eternal love you have for the deceased.

Wedding ring

The wedding ring started out as an iron or gold band given by the Romans to their wives. While the traditional form is a plain band worn on the ring finger, many fancy wedding rings use diamonds set into the band. Sometimes, people choose to use a memorial diamond in the ring, to keep a loved one close on the most special day of their lives.

Halo ring

A halo setting surrounds the memorial diamond with numerous tiny diamonds (or other jewels). These diamonds accent the beauty of the memorial gem while adding to the overall appearance of the ring. You can also choose a waverly diamond cremation ring or an odessa diamond cremation ring that both surround the diamond with a halo of diamonds and set diamonds around the band.

Vintage ring

Technically, a vintage ring is one that is more than 100 years old. However, you can create a ring that reflects the vintage style but contains a memorial diamond. This style tends to include intricate details such as filigree and scrollwork. In the midst of these details, your memorial diamond stands out as a reminder of your love for the deceased.

Cremation ring with birthstones

Cremation rings with birthstones commemorate your loved one and celebrate the month they were born. Birthstones come in many different stones, including diamonds for the month of April. No matter what design you choose, the result contains birthstones that have significant meaning.

Willow diamond ring

A willow diamond cremation ring combines the intricacy of the willow diamond ring with the beauty of a diamond made from the cremations of a deceased loved one. The willow diamond ring contains four diamonds set in a leaf-like pattern. The metal from the ring intertwines with the leaves. The result is a beautiful, delicate way of memorializing the one you have lost.

Reverie ring

Similar to the willow ring is the reverie ring. These rings boast delicate, intricate patterns in the gold or silver of the band and emphasize the gorgeous diamond in the center. A reverie cremation ring will contain as that centerpiece the diamond made from the cremation ashes of your loved one.

Lotus flower cremation ring

If you want your diamond to look less like a stone and more like a beautiful flower, you may want to consider the lotus flower cremation ring. This type of ring sets small diamonds around the center memorial diamond in the shape of a delicate flower. The result is an eye-catching way to remember your loved one.

Modern ring setting

When highlighting the treasure of your memorial diamond, you may want to embrace a more modern look. These settings often include features such as shoulder set diamonds or an intricate band.

The death of a loved one does not mean forgetting them. Instead, you can create cremation jewelry, such as a cremation earring, cremation necklace, or cremation ring, to remember them forever. With the right cremation ring, you can create a piece of commemorative jewelry that will honor your loved one forever.

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