Memorial pendants: a practical way to pay tribute to a loved one

Headstones. Monuments. Plaques. When people imagine memorials created to cherish the memories of those who have passed away, these are the most common types that come to mind.

While all of these mentioned are the most popular types of memorials, they are not the only ways to honor a loved one. In fact, these are not exactly the most practical keepsakes either. Tradition and culture have kept these rituals commonplace, but a slick and modern way to pay tribute to the deceased has literally taken the entire world by storm.

What type of memorial is this you ask?

Cremation diamonds!

In particular, cremation pendants are memorial keepsakes that are gorgeous and practical. Most people place their cremation pendant on a necklace and hold their loved one close to their heart. Forever.

Cremation pendants are meaningful and beautiful reminders of deeply felt love for someone that has passed away

Small items that can be held and treasured provide tremendous comfort to the bereaved. Funeral jewelry, or commemoratory jewelry, is a tasteful way to celebrate those cherished memories deeply held by those friends and family members left behind.

After the incineration process of cremation, the family is left with the ashes. These can be used to create a diamond that is set in jewelry. At Heart In Diamond, five colors are available for memorial diamonds:

  1. Deep red
  2. Blue
  3. Orange-yellow
  4. Greenish-yellow
  5. White

Furthermore, the diamond can be cut in different styles with the two most popular being brilliant and princess-cut and can vary in weight from as little as 0.10 carats to as much as two carats and be mounted in three different types of metal:

  1. White-gold
  2. Yellow-gold
  3. Platinum

Take a look at five of the best-selling cremation pendants from Heart In Diamond:

Blue cremation diamond set in antique round-cut center 14K white-gold pendant

This fancy pendant features a blue diamond set in swirling 14K metal with an enticing brightness. The cut shape is brilliant and it weighs 0.1+ of a carat. Perhaps the most luxurious cremation pendant featured in this article, the pictured piece is priced at $2,133.

Classic solstice four-prong 14K white-gold pendant with a white diamond

A classic and exquisite piece that has a striking white diamond as its central feature, this pendant can hold a diamond that weighs anywhere from 0.1+ to ¾ of a carat for $433. This simple piece is the most economical option on the list and features a white-gold metal shank that holds the brilliant-cut diamond.

Greenish-yellow memorial diamond set in 7-prong cluster round-cut center 18K yellow-gold pendant

This is a complex and luxurious piece with seven smaller white diamonds clustered around a greenish-yellow cremation diamond. This piece is held in a yellow-gold metal shank with a brilliant-cut diamond in the center that can weigh from 0.1+ carat for $1,211 to a ¼ carat for $1,592.

Red cultured diamond set in heart-shaped chain slide 14K white-gold pendant

An elegant and graceful piece, the heart-shaped chain slide pictured features a deep red diamond set into 14K white-gold which weighs 3.46 grams. Its cut shape is brilliant and the 0.1+ carat-diamond pendant costs $645.

Orange-yellow diamond set in fancy princess-cut chain slide 18K yellow-gold pendant

This bold and charming piece weighs 6.42 grams and is set in an 18K yellow-gold metal shank. The diamond in the center of this piece is princess-cut and there are a number of options for weight from one to 1.5 carats. The pictured pendant costs $944.

Memorial diamonds

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