Making Jewelry Out of Human Ashes? More than 400 Years of Loving Remembrance Gifts Now Includes Diamonds Made out of Your Loved One's Ashes.  

People have always wanted to find ways to remember their loved ones after death. That is why Egyptians mummified their dead; why artwork surrounding death is almost universal, and why monuments, paintings, jewelry, poetry, services, plaques, and more have sprung up as ways to honor the life of someone who has passed away.

Many options exist for honoring someone who has died. While these trends change over time, memorial jewelry has existed in one form or another for more than 400 years.

The options for paying tribute to the deceased have always been numerous. Yet, the preferred methods have always varied by culture and time period. For example, some cultures (such as the Balinese culture) prefer cremation and elaborate parades, while other cultures (such as the Jewish culture) prefer a private burial and no public viewings.

And, options for memorializing the deceased come and go. While it used to be common to braid locks of someone's hair and keep them as a memento after the person's death, that practice is far less popular today. The formerly common process of mummifying a dead body is no longer used in Egypt.

One trend, however, has withstood the test of time. While not as well-known as other methods of honoring the deceased, memorial jewelry (also known as mourning jewelry or funeral jewelry) has remained a consistent option over hundreds of years. This type of jewelry incorporates human remains into a ring, earring, or necklace.

When funeral jewelry first became popular in the 16th century, the most commonly used remains were hair (nails and blood were often also used). Braided into elaborate patterns, the hair was then encased in a plate of glass and set into jewelry. Some early funeral jewelry would contain engravings, skulls, or other images instead of the dead person's personal remains.

Over time, memorial jewelry became known as cremation jewelry, because the pieces gradually began to include cremains. Originally, the ashes were placed within a small compartment inside the jewelry. This type of jewelry has been used in a number of cultures over several centuries (most notably the Victorian era), because of its ability to comfort the grieving and keep the memory of the loved one close.

Most recently, cremation jewelry has begun to incorporate diamonds made out of the ash of the deceased. This type of diamond jewelry combines the brilliance of a real diamond with the uniqueness of the deceased. The result is a perfect remembrance gift for someone mourning the loss of a beloved friend or family member.

Cremations generally yield an abundance of ashes. In recent times, a way has been discovered to transform those ashes into one of the most precious, beloved gems of all time: The diamond. Through the use of a high pressure, high temperature environment, the carbon from the ash can be transformed into a real, stunning diamond.

This discovery has changed the face of cremation jewelry. The cremation ring, cremation earring, or cremation necklace can now include a precious, brilliant diamond instead of ash. This diamond, however, still allows you to remember the deceased because it is made out of your loved one's remains.

This combination of brilliant diamond jewelry and the unique remains of the deceased results in a fully customized memorial. With hundreds of settings from which to choose, as well as multiple diamond colors and cuts, you can create the perfect remembrance gift for someone grieving the death of a loved one. And, because you can commission a diamond of any size, and select a setting as simple or ornate as you wish, you can create diamond jewelry that fits your budget.

Cremation jewelry with diamonds continues the 400 year tradition of remembrance jewelry. These remembrance gifts still incorporate part of the deceased, still contain their memories and can still be worn. Yet, in other ways, cremation jewelry with diamonds exceeds the cremation jewelry of old in customization and beauty.

Memorializing the deceased is important. Cremation jewelry that contains diamonds continues the 400 year tradition of remembrance jewelry that has provided a steady and meaningful way to do just that for centuries. Just as the old cremation jewelry incorporated part of the loved one, so diamond jewelry incorporates your loved one's ashes. Just as old cremation jewelry allowed the wearer to hold the memory of their loved one close, so does this new diamond jewelry. And just as old cremation jewelry can be worn, so can cremation jewelry with diamonds.

Yet, this new cremation jewelry departs from the old in a couple of important ways. First, remembrance jewelry today is more beautiful than the memorial jewelry of old. The evidence of the loved one's incremation, instead of being hidden, is allowed to become bright and sparkling and beautiful for everyone who looks at it.

In addition, the gold, silver, jewels, and crystals used in this type of cremation jewelry make for a far more beautiful and memorable piece of jewelry. You can now wear your jewelry anytime, anywhere, because of its beauty. The result is a remembrance gift that fits with the old traditions while making those traditions more meaningful than ever before.

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