Can You Bury Someone’s Ashes in Your Yard?

Yes. You can bury someone’s cremated ashes on private or public property, including your own yard. Other places that can be used for burying cremated remains include:

  • Cemetery plot

  • Dedicated urn garden

  • Natural burial ground

Christian practices promote the use of consecrated grounds as ideal locations to bury cremated ashes.

Why Would You Want to Bury Someone’s Ashes in Your Yard?

Bereaved loved ones often choose to bury the cremated ashes of their friend or family member on their personal property for many reasons, including:

  1. Burying ashes seems more traditional as it is similar to the burial of a body.

  2. If you decide to bury the cremains in your yard, you can choose a sentimental spot that holds special meaning for you and the departed.

  3. When you decide to bury the cremated ashes, you can still take part in the traditional practice of choosing a meaningful headstone to mark the grave.

  4. Seeing the place where they are buried in your yard serves as a constant reminder of that person.

What Are The Storage Options For Cremated Ashes?

Cremation ashes are typically saved in urns. Urns come in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. They can be artistic, elegant and simple, or aesthetically designed. Furthermore, if you plan on burying the ashes in the ground (for instance your very own yard) or floating the ashes in water – you can choose a biodegradable cremation urn that is composed of sustainable materials.

A cremation urn can also be displayed in one’s home, typically on a shelf or fireplace mantle. Another option for cremation urns is to store them in a  columbarium, which is a building that is usually found within a cemetery or a church, with built-in niches to store funeral urns.

What are My Other Options for Cremated Ashes?

Besides storing or burying the ashes, many other alternatives exist for the handling of the cremated ashes of a deceased friend, spouse, or family member.

  • Have the ashes embedded into a memorial such as a cremation bench, grave marker, or memorial rock that is usually placed in a cemetery.

  • Send in the ashes to be transformed into a timeless diamond. A handful of experienced diamond creation labs will extract the carbon from the cremains and use it to create a stunning diamond. The diamond can then be made into custom jewelry by choosing your desired setting and ordering you cremation jewelry.

  • Send the ashes to a company that will swirl them in a blown glass keepsake. A small portion of ashes are fused with molten glass to create unique designs and patterns.

  • Spread the ashes on land, water, or air in a place with special meaning for the survivors.

  • Place a small amount of ashes in memorial jewelry such as rings, pendants, lockets, bracelets, etc.

How Much Ashes are Left After Cremation?

Approximately five pounds of ashes are produced from the cremation of an adult. Determined by the size and density of the deceased’s bones, the weight ranges from three to ten pounds. Cremated remains consist of only bone because fluids, fat, and organ tissue burn away during the incineration process.

Remember Your Loved One in a Special Way

Grief is a profoundly personal experience. No one’s journey through the grieving process will be exactly the same as anyone else’s. Handling the cremated ashes of the deceased provides a therapeutic way to memorialize the departed, work through grief, and attain personal closure.

No matter what you choose to do with the cremated remains of someone you love, the important thing is that you do what feels right to you and the other survivors.

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