What is a memorial diamond?

Memorial diamonds are real diamonds that have been made from cremated ashes or hair. Memorial diamonds are also referred to as “synthetic diamonds”, “cremation diamonds”, “laboratory-grown diamonds”, or “cultured-diamonds”. They are typically grown in a laboratory-setting using equipment that mimics the conditions found in Earth’s mantle that create natural diamonds.

The eco-friendly diamond choice

Worldwide, people are becoming more conscious of their choices and purchases and the effects those decisions have on the environment.

Diamond mining has caused ecological destruction. The giant craters along with the stripping of Earth’s resources have contributed to devastating effects on the Earth. In fact, sometimes entire ecosystems collapse because of the mining done in a certain area. Furthermore, the natural diamond industry is notorious for its harsh working environments, including child labor. Because of these reasons among others, many people are choosing lab-grown alternatives when they shop for a diamond as ihey are a more eco-friendly option. In fact, lab-grown diamonds have even been coined “eco-diamonds”.

Memorial diamonds are perfect for any occasion

A popular jewelry option for weddings, engagements, anniversaries or other special events – cremation diamonds are in high demand and the trend continues to grow.

Specific to memorial diamonds, the purchaser has the option to personalize the gem by sending in hair from anyone alive or dead, or the cremated ashes of a loved one that has passed on, to be turned into a diamond. Many couples are mixing their own hair, or combining their hair along with the ashes of a family member, and sending the sample to a company to be turned into diamonds to be used in their wedding or engagement rings. Because of this, memorial diamonds can also be referred to as “celebration diamonds”.

What is the history of memorial diamonds?

Laboratory-grown diamonds date back to the 1950s – but memorial or cremation diamonds have only been available since the early 2000s.

How are memorial diamonds created?

Carbon is extracted from the sample of hair or cremated ashes sent in for diamond production. Other “lab carbon” is added only if needed for the diamond growing foundation.

Hair undergoes heat treatment to extract the carbon. By turning the ashes into a gaseous form, the carbon can be obtained from cremains using a conventional technique for filtering. The carbon is purified and graphitized and a diamond is grown by either a high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) technique or a carbon vapor deposition (CVD) process.

Is a memorial diamond a real diamond?

Yes. The laboratory processes used to grow diamonds mimic the same conditions found deep within Earth’s mantle. Diamonds that are created synthetically still possess the same pure carbon structure and other chemical and physical properties as mined-diamonds.

Many memorial diamonds, such as those created by Heart In Diamond, are graded by gemological laboratories, such as Birmingham Assay Office in the United Kingdom and Gemological Institute of America in the United States.

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