This is how memory diamonds help cope with loss

How memory diamonds can help you reconnect with a lost loved one

Losing someone close to you is never easy. You journey along, thinking about all the wonderful times you spent together and the loving memories you never want to forget.

So their most cherished thoughts are never far away, some people choose to have a keepsake of their lost one with them at all times.

Memory diamonds are one of the most beautiful ways to keep a lost loved one with you for the rest of your life. 

What are memory diamonds?

Also known as memorial diamonds, memory diamonds are created from the hair or cremated ashes of a loved one. At Heart In Diamond, we shape the personalized diamond according to your recommendations and carefully place it into your chosen setting, creating a meaningful symbol to honor your loved one every day.

Memorial diamonds are made in a very similar way to lab-grown diamonds. Both use carbon as the foundation material. But the significant difference is that memory diamonds use carbon in the form of hair or cremated ashes.

The process begins as we carefully extract the carbon from the hair or ashes. We then use the carbon extracted to create a special diamond growing seed. Over time this will grow into the foundation of your memory diamond. 

When the growing phase is complete, we cut and polish the diamond according to your wishes. When the diamond is sparkling and shining bright, it’s ready to be placed into its setting before being packaged up and delivered to you. 

Pet memory diamonds

Memory diamonds aren’t just to remember friends and family members who have passed on. Anyone who has ever had a pet understands the deep bond that can grow between pet and owner. 

When the day finally comes for your pet to pass onto the other side, it’s natural to suffer through intense feelings of sadness and loneliness. A memorial diamond made from the fur of your beloved pet can help ease your sorrow and let you keep them close to you even after they’ve gone.

What’s the difference between memory diamonds and cremation diamonds?

Whereas memory diamonds can be made from hair, fur or cremated ashes, cremation diamonds are made exclusively of cremated remains. Memorial diamonds allow you to honor your lost loved one forever, even if they weren’t cremated.

How memory diamonds help you remember lost loved ones

Remembering people from the past shouldn’t be a sad event. Instead of feeling a sense of loss that they’re gone, memory diamonds can help you celebrate their life and continue to appreciate them every day.

Never forget

One thing many people worry about after the loss of a loved one is forgetting them. As they begin to heal over time, they start to feel guilty because they no longer think about someone who was such a big part of their lives.

Memorial diamonds help alleviate this remorse by providing a constant reminder of the person you never want to forget. Whether worn as a necklace, set of earrings or a ring, a diamond made from the remains of a loved one means they’re always close by. 

There for the most important events

No child wants their parent to miss walking them down the aisle on their wedding day or holding their grandchild in their arms for the very first time. But sometimes things don’t go to plan and life follows a different path.

Eternalizing a lost parent in a memory diamond means their spirit will always be there for every special occasion, even if they can’t be there in person.

Pass on through generations

Everyone wants to know where they come from, but not all of us get to meet our extended family members. Through the wonder of memorial diamonds, you can introduce members of your family who have passed on to your children so they can feel a connection to them.

To strengthen the family bond and heritage, you can pass the diamond down from generation to generation. This way the lost loved one immortalized in the diamond can live on through decades or even centuries.

Commemorate a loved one with a memorial diamond

Keeping a lost loved one close to you in a piece of jewelry you can wear every day can provide enormous comfort. As unique as the person it represents, each Heart In Diamonds memory diamond is one-of-a-kind and can be custom made to suit your wishes. Your personal diamond will be forever beautiful and meaningful to you, just like the memory of your loved one.