Top Cremation/Memorial and Funeral Service Providers in Colorado

The western US state of Colorado spans the beautiful Rocky Mountains and is an innovative region when it comes to the funeral business. Green burial services providers are springing up all over the state that provide eco-friendly burial and cremation options. In addition to the more contemporary alternatives when it comes to final disposition, Colorado is also home to many renowned and trusted funeral parlors and crematories statewide.

At Heart In Diamond, we turn cremated remains into diamonds. Considering the nature of our business, we have worked closely with many funeral homes and cremation service providers over the years. Therefore, we know what to look for in a reputable company for these types of death services. The following is a list of five top funeral homes and cremation service providers in the state of Colorado.

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Return to Nature Funeral Home

One mortuary in Colorado that provides green burial options and honest funeral ceremony services is Return to Nature Funeral Home in Colorado Springs. This business that provides funeral services offers natural ways to care for loved ones that have passed on without negatively impacting the environment. Their services include green burials and biodegradable post-cremation care which aids in the conservation of environmental resources. In addition to crematory services, they also do graveside cemetery services, memorials, traditional funerals, wakes, and other customized ceremonies.

A Better Place Funeral & Cremation Services

One funeral parlor in Colorado is changing the way people view memorial and cremation services. A Better Place Funeral & Cremation Services proclaims that a funeral or memorial service is an opportunity to show how much love you have for the person that died. They promote creativity in planning the final arrangements for a loved one. This funeral and cremation business serves the people of Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, Westminster, Thornton, Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley.

Aspen Mortuaries

The professionals at Aspen Mortuaries are committed to educating the community and state on options for funeral and cremation services. Passion and superior customer service are fundamental to their business model and they work with families to ensure informed decisions are made and that services are dignified and personal. No matter what type of service is chosen, they will handle your loved one with care all the way to the casket and burial in the ground, or to the retort, or furnace chamber where cremation takes place.

Newcomer Cremations Funerals Receptions

Newcomer is a business that provides funeral services at fair prices that are hundreds or even thousands of dollars less than other local funeral homes in Aurora and Lakewood, Colorado. They believe that families should be able to provide beautiful, and dignified funeral and cremation services at affordable prices. Newcomer provides a plethora of services to fit anyone’s needs and budget, including green burials, visitation, viewing, crematorium services, and other traditional options. They also publish local obituaries on their website.

Allnutt Funeral Services

The caring staff from Allnutt Funeral Services is committed to providing families multiple options to celebrate the life of their loved one that passed away in creative and memorable ways. Whether you choose to have a wake to honor the departed or you want to plan a traditional chapel-style funeral, they are ready to create the healing experience you seek.

Cremation diamonds

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