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Table of contents:

  1. White diamonds
  2. Orange-yellow diamonds
  3. Yellow-green diamonds
  4. Deep red diamonds
  5. Blue diamonds
  6. Diamond cuts
  7. Diamond clarity
  8. Diamond carat and sizes
  9. Lab-grown diamonds

Last revised: November 5, 2018

Cremation Diamond Guide

At Heart In Diamond, we believe in preserving our unconditional love and magical memories of happier times spent with our family members, friends and pets after they have passed away. We have seen personally how Cremation diamonds change people’s lives, and believe these treasured keepsakes are a therapeutic way to deal with the intense emotions experienced Cremation diamonds ordering and manufacturing process of those we hold dear in our hearts.

As the rate of cremation in the United States is exploding and more people are choosing this option for it’s health-conscious and environmental benefits, now is the time you may want to consider turning those ashes into diamonds. The process involves compressing and heating up the hair or ashes in order to extract carbon. The carbon is then added to our laboratory foundation to grow diamonds. When the diamond is mature, it will carry an eternal link to your loved one, family member, relative, friend or pet.

Your Guide to Understanding the Four C’s of Cremation Diamonds


Choosing the color of the remembrance diamond is a rewarding journey that consumers often feel is the most important decision when it comes to selecting their memorial jewelry. The shade, warmth, and vibrancy of each of the color options denotes attributes that remind the wearer of their departed. All the colors we have available will never fade, and will always retain their intense luster and brilliance as you would expect from a natural diamond.

Customers from Heart In Diamond often remark that the color of the diamond they chose is the aspect of their jewelry that reminds them most of their deceased loved one. Hear what Jacqueline from the UK had to say about the color of her diamond:

I am very happy with Heart In Diamond .. the lovely yellow diamond made from my dad’s ashes is perfect.

And here is another quote from a testimonial written by Marlene in the United States:

I absolutely love my ring. It is beautiful and I like the deeper hue of blue. It’s so perfect for me!  When I show people the ring, they say it is me. It really does fit my personality.  And I chose blue because it was my husband’s favorite color.

White Diamonds

White Cremation Diamond.png

For many diamond collectors, the ideal or perfect diamonds are those that are without color completely, also known as white diamonds. At Heart In Diamond, our popular white diamond offers a brilliant shine in any light. White diamonds are a timeless selection that are loved by many for their versatility and ability to coordinate flawlessly with any ensemble.

Even a white diamond, also known as a colorless diamond, does in fact have a slight tone of yellow or brown. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), has a grading scale for the colors of diamonds. Their grading criteria for white diamonds assigns an alphabetical  grade that ranges from D which means totally colorless to a Z, which means heavily tinted.


Orange-yellow remembrance diamond.png

“Fire diamonds” was the term coined for the range of orange-yellow diamonds by the famous gemologist, Edwin Streeter, in his 1882 book, “The Great Diamonds of the World.” These intense diamonds live up to their nickname with their characteristic fiery hues and intense luster. Undoubtedly, orange diamonds are among the most cherished and popular color choices because of their magical appearance.

At Heart In Diamond, we offer a wide range of orange-yellow funeral diamonds that are available from a lightly-tinged yellow to a very deep, rich orange.


Yellow-green funeral diamond.png

A representation of hope, health, growth and generosity, yellow-green diamonds typically invoke deep sentiments for the wearer. Naturally-occurring as some of the rarest diamonds on earth, their infrequency is could well be the reason for their initial popularity.


Our sparkling yellow-green diamond is a light shade of shimmering green with intricate, semi-transparent hues.


Red Ashes to Diamonds round cut cremation diamond.png

According to the experts at Cape Town Diamond Museum, red is the rarest type of diamond found in nature. These beautiful gems show the best of themselves in candlelight and daylight, looking their worst in unnatural fluorescent light.

The most unique diamond that we offer at Heart In Diamond is our deep-red precious gem due to the chameleon-like effect of it’s rich color. Depending on the surrounding lighting conditions, this diamond can give off the appearance of several different shades of red.


Blue Cremation memorial diamond.png

Diamonds that are blue in color are often considered a symbol of trust, wisdom and loyalty. The popularity of this color diamond is constantly on the rise. Blue offers a cool and calming vibration and is associated with serenity and peace.

Blue diamonds are a popular choice at Heart In Diamond because of their brilliant appearance that look stunning in practically any choice of setting. Blue diamond hues can range from a deep blue through to blue-grey and blue-green. All of these colors are called fancy colors. Read more about fancy colors here.


The term ‘cut’ in relation to cremation diamonds, refers to the proportions, symmetry, finish and polish. This term is also applied as a certain style of gemstone cut, e.g. princess cut. The brilliance and intensity of the diamond will be determined by these factors. A professionally-cut diamond will appear symmetrical, proportioned and well-polished.

At Heart In Diamond, our three most popular cuts include:


Brilliant cut for cremation diamonds.png


Princess Cut funeral diamond.png


Radiant cut funeral diamond.png

We are not limited to these three cuts, they are just the most widely selected. Several other cuts are available upon request.


Our laboratory conditions are strictly-controlled and quality measures are maintained to ensure your personal diamond features the sharpest clarity possible. Each diamond created at Heart In Diamond is lab-grown to be unique and individual.

Because every diamond is individually-grown, there may be some slight inclusions, however, these are typically invisible to the naked eye. These inclusions are also present in natural diamonds, and they are graded from SI (slightly included) to VS (very slightly included).


Carat weight refers to the size and weight of your diamond. According to standard measurements 200 milligrams equals one carat. Typical diamonds sold in the market weigh less than one carat, and therefore diamond weights are divided into points. A single carat diamond equals one hundred points, therefore a diamond that is ¾ carat diamond is also known as a 75 point diamond.

At Heart In Diamond, we offer our customers several selections when it comes to the carat weight of their diamond. Depending on the type of setting and mounted design you choose, you have the ability to order your diamond in many sizes ranging from 0.03 carat up to 2.0 carats.

Small cremation diamonds
Medium sized cremation diamonds
Large sized cremation diamonds


fancy color diamonds

Fancy color diamonds are a rare find deep under the Earth’s crust. Some colors, such as red and blue, are among the most rare and, therefore, the most expensive. Increasingly, we see royalty, aristocrats, and celebrities wearing these unique diamonds. Mariah Carey’s engagement ring, for example, was a Jacob and Co. 17-carat emerald cut diamond worth $2.5 million with a 10-carat pink center stone and 58 pink diamonds and two half moon-cut diamonds surrounding it. Carrie Underwood had a flawless yellow diamond engagement ring by Johnathan Arndt.

Fancy colors are rapidly gaining popularity among today’s jewelry lovers. Demand for fancy color diamonds in our society is experiencing continued growth year over year, and this increase in demand is leading to an increase in the prices of natural fancy color diamonds.

However, while natural fancy color diamonds are becoming more expensive, Heart In Diamond’s diamonds remain consistently less expensive. Even within the industry of lab-grown diamonds, our gems cost less while remaining certified, professionally graded, and identical to natural diamonds.

Cremation diamonds

Our consultants understand the emotional weight of making this important decision. To guide you through the process and help you create your never ending bond, please talk to us.
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