Invaluable networking and management tools for funeral business owners

Running a business in the exacting and heady atmosphere of 2018 is no cake walk. Providing a flawless service or product to a crowded and demanding marketplace of individuals calls for foresight, perseverance and serious graft at the best of times and even in the most light hearted of industries.

If stress is a factor for the average restaurant owner (for example), whose clients have come out to enjoy a quick and cheerful bite, how much more acute might be the stress of a business owner in the funeral industry, who’s end users are newly grieving and who is, in part, responsible for the invaluable preservation of the dearly departed’s living memory?

As manufacturers and providers of memorial diamonds, we know, just like you, the toll that the funeral industry can take on its players. This why we felt it only right to share with you an invaluable resource and a place of fellowship, from which we, ourselves have reaped great benefit, to get you through the highs and lows of the trade and help you make a success of your funeral related business, the CFSA.

Expanding and Safeguarding your Business With The CFSA

The Casket Manufacturers Association of America (renamed the Casket and funeral Supply Association in 1994) was established as a non-profit organisation way back in 1913. It’s goal was to act as a meeting place, representative, business guide and information bank for members who provide goods and services to the funeral industry and to other death care professionals, licensed funeral home directors and licensed funeral homes.

Encompassing a membership base of hundreds of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, service providers and importers located throughout the US, Canada and Guatemala, no other association represents such a broad scope of interests for all aspects of the funeral supply industry.

Effectively, membership to this close-knit community puts you at the forefront of funeral market standards, ensuring that your business is aligned with the times…which change relentlessly, whether you’re trying to serve the perfect cheesecake and coffee or the perfect casket velvet and taffeta.

Chatting with George from the CFSA about the unique networking platforms and credit resources it affords its members

Chatting with the CFSA’s Executive Director, George Buckley, to find out more about the unique business networking opportunities and insightful credit resources which members can expect in 2018 and beyond, here’s what he had to say:

“For nearly all our companies, the business networking afforded between and among CFSA members is rated the highest.”

  • Fellowship and networking: The CFSA’s annual Winter Seminar and Fall Trade Show offer a priceless opportunity to network with colleagues in the industry, promote your business and set up profitable working relationships. While the winter Seminar offers current educational programming in a trendy, resort setting, the Trade show draws in excess of 300 members, who largely consider it to be the buy and sell opportunity of the year. Membership affords you massive savings on registration to either event and over $100 in booth savings, should you chose to exhibit at the trade show.

George explained how profitable a simple CFSA membership can be, especially to newcomers to the industry: “Our members very often prefer to buy and sell (exclusively) to other CFSA member companies.”

Above and beyond standard setting and networking benefits, George highlighted the value of CFSA’s credit Management program, which, according to members, goes above and beyond the small, annual membership fee.

  • Credit Resources: CFSA’s exclusive Funeral Home Credit Guide program is based on the payment histories of over 20 000 funeral homes and data provided by CFSA member participants. The service is there to provide you with relevant information regarding your current and potential customers, to assist you in avoiding bad debt, protecting investments and eliminating write offs. CFSA Membership will even afford you a 20-25% discount on debt collection fees and a monthly bulletin on funeral home accounts which have been placed for collection.

We urge you to head over to the CFSA website to learn more, as these are just a few amongst a long list of benefits which could be breathing life into your business, from the minute you sign up. In the meantime, however, here’s a rundown of membership options to help you chose the plan that’s right for you.

Meeting criteria for the CFSA’s two unique membership options/categories

On the back of 106 years of experience in the industry, the CFSA has split membership options into two key categories, realising that the service and educational needs of old and new players in the funeral industry are vastly diverse.

  1. Voting Membership
    • Who’s eligible? Any firm which sells goods or services within the industry and has done so for more than 6 months.
    • Voting membership brochure download.

  2. Associate Membership
    • Who’s eligible? Any firm which sells goods or services within the industry and has done so for less than 6 months.
    • Associate membership brochure download.

Plotting Your Path To Success

The team at Heart-In-Diamond trust that, furnished with the knowledge that there is a comprehensive resource of knowledge, assistance and fellowship, such as CFSA, just a few mouse clicks away, you won’t waste time on the road to success and will soon be taking steps to obtain your membership.

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Our consultants understand the emotional weight of making this important decision. To guide you through the process and help you create your never ending bond, please talk to us.
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