We’re having our ashes made into diamonds for our children — but they were frightened

“When we told our kids we wanted our bodies to be cremated when we die, and then transformed into diamonds as gifts for them, they looked at us like we were out of our minds.”

Phyllis Zooker describes the moment she and her husband Robert told their children what they wanted to be done with their cremated remains. Robert chuckles out loud as he says:

“Our kids are now in their 40s and here I thought they were up to date on the latest technology. As it turns out, they had never heard about turning ashes into diamonds so this news certainly came as quite the shock!”

An elderly couple explains why they would rather be turned into diamonds than buried, scattered, or celebrated in any other way

“I will never forget that feeling of emptiness after my mother died.”

Phyllis opens up about her personal story of grief. “As most people were in those days, my mother was buried and had a traditional funeral. I will never forget that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when her casket was lowered into the ground.

“That was it. She was gone and I was still standing there. Alone. It just felt so… so final! With cremation, you are given the body of your loved one back, only in a different form. Why not take that act to the next level and cherish a couple of diamonds set in stunning jewelry instead of a box of ashes?”

She goes on to explain how she doesn’t want her two children to experience that same feeling of emptiness she felt the very last time she saw her mother.

“I want my kids to have something they can hold on to. Something they can look at and know that I am inside of it and always close to them. That a physical part of my body will always remain with them. I can’t think of a more beautiful way to be remembered than by being transformed into a diamond for eternity.”

Retired inventor is fascinated with diamond-growing technology and wants to be remembered for his innovative nature

While Phyllis has a strong emotional interest that draws her to this final arrangement, Robert is more enthralled with the technology behind lab-grown diamonds from cremated ashes.

Growing up during the great depression, Robert had a lot of time on his hands as a young adult with no work outlet to consume his energy. Instead, he turned to his father’s garage that housed various broken-down machines and gadgets of that era, such as a clock, wristwatches, sewing machines, and a radio, to pass the time.

“Before the great depression, my father was a busy repairman that was constantly working on projects for people in the community. You could say I took after him, as I always admired the way he could take something broken and make it work again.
“When I first started tinkering in his shop, I figured these gadgets lying about had no hope of being fixed if my father was unable to do so. As it turns out, I found myself innovating new techniques and teaching him before long. My first major breakthrough was when I was able to get an old grandfather clock working again that my father had given up on. I was filled with pride and deep satisfaction. It was at that moment I knew inventing was my calling.”

As an adult during the middle of the 20th century, Robert was always the first to get his hands on the latest technology as soon as it came out. Over the years, his backyard was the birthing grounds for several makeshift devices such as his own homemade lawn-mower and go-kart that were both well before their time.

People know Robert as a forward-thinker. An innovator. “I don’t want anyone to think I changed in my old years. On the outside, you may see an old wrinkly body — but on the inside, I am that same young man fascinated with the latest technology. When I heard that Heart In Diamond had advanced equipment that could turn our cremated ashes into diamonds, I knew beyond a doubt, this was for me.”

Join the tens of thousands of people that are having their bodies turned into diamonds to shimmer forever and be treasured by their loved ones long after they are gone.

The Zookers were able to easily get their wishes into writing as part of their life insurance plan, and you could too. Contact us today to learn more about this shocking and beautiful tribute to the life and the memory of a loved one.

Cremation diamonds

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