Heart In Diamond talks with Jenn Hallak: inspiring wedding planner and author of the book “The Overwhelmed Bride”

Weddings are infamously stressful, and anxiety over the big day is one of the reasons that the dreaded bridezilla often rears her head, even in previously reasonable individuals.

Brides need something more than help choosing their color scheme if they are going to enjoy wedding planning. And wedding planner Jenn Hallak is giving it to them through her website and book, both entitled The Overwhelmed Bride.

“I really just get so sad when brides are unable to enjoy their wedding day and get stressed out over all of the planning and the details,” she says. “The engagement is supposed to be relaxing, and wedding planning is supposed to be fun.”

As an experienced wedding planner, Hallak decided to help brides get that relaxing and fun experience by helping them embrace the mindset that can lead to a more peaceful wedding experience.

Her first piece of advice? Keep your eye on the prize.

“If at the end of the day you are married to the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, then your wedding day was 100% a success,” she says.

That kind of mindset can help brides avoid the over planning and anxiety that Hallak finds to be at the root of many brides’ pre wedding meltdowns.

“If you’re spending hours and hours and getting stressed over which shade of blush to choose to be part of your palette, it’s just not going to be enjoyable,” she says.

Instead, Hallak suggests that brides not allow themselves to be overwhelmed by the bombardment of information and options out there. Instead, she recommends creating a day that will be a fun start to the real goal of the wedding: A long and happy marriage.

“I’ve seen so many ‘wedding planning guides’ out there that are supposed to help brides out but in my eyes, when you have 200+ of planning worksheets and timelines galore, that’s EXACTLY what stresses brides out the most!” she says.

Hallak helps brides put her advice into action with glimpses at inspirational, beautiful, and, most importantly, relaxed weddings.

Alexander Androsyuk, for example, praises the beauty of one wedding featured on Overwhelmed Bride in one of his tweets:

In addition, Hallak provides resources (such as a list of proven vendors) and advice to help brides embrace a stress free wedding day.

Many of these vendors praise Overwhelmed Bride for Hallak’s work with brides, as such as Brittany from FromBritt’sEyeView does here:

At the end of the day, all of Hallak’s efforts have one goal: To make life easier for the overwhelmed bride.

“I just want brides to understand that the fun and the love and the family and friends is what’s most important,” she says, “and starting off your engagement with that in mind will make the planning process so much more enjoyable.”

Click here to visit Jenn’s website and buy her book.

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