Diamonds have always been regarded as the most precious of gemstones. Because of their value and ease of transport, loose diamonds have been used in trade for more than 4,000 years. Today, loose diamonds are largely used in the making of jewelry.

Heart In Diamond loose diamonds are available in round, princess, and radiant cuts. They can be created in sizes ranging from 0.015 carats — 2.09 carats. Our loose diamonds are available in five elegant colors that provide enduring radiance, luster, fire and brilliance: red, orange-yellow, yellow-green, blue, and white.

Because fancy color loose diamonds are becoming increasingly popular and are in high demand, the price of these precious gems is likely to continue to increase in the future.

In nature, it takes millennia to create a diamond; however our diamonds are created in just a few weeks. During this time, the diamond is certified to be physically, chemically, and optically identical to an Earth-mined diamond.

The key difference in our loose diamonds is that they are simply more beautiful, more meaningful, and more precious than any other diamond because they contain the essence of those you love. They are truly the most personal diamonds in the world.

Heart In Diamond loose diamonds begin with the signature carbon taken from hair or the cremated ashes of loved ones (including treasured animal companions). This special carbon is added to a diamond seed in our laboratory and exposed to the same process of extreme heat and pressure that occurs deep below the Earth’s crust.

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Cremation diamonds

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