Do You Ever Wonder How Diamonds Come from Ashes? Here Is How Cremation Diamonds are Made Quickly and Beautifully by Heart In Diamond

Ashes can be transformed into beautiful diamonds because Heart In Diamond extracts the carbon, which is the base of all diamonds, from the ashes for use in the diamond-making process.

The base of all diamonds, whether natural or man-made, is carbon. This element appears in all organic matter, from vegetation to animals to humans, as well as in other naturally occurring elements such as petroleum, natural gas, and coal.

Carbon must be present in order to form a diamond, whether that diamond be man made or naturally created. In addition, that carbon must be exposed to the kinds of incredibly high pressures and temperatures found in the Earth’s mantle (where natural diamonds occur) in order to form the breathtaking beauty of a diamond.

While it may seem impossible for the powdery form of ashes to become the flawless and beautiful shape of a diamond, the key is to use the carbon that is present in the cremains. Once this carbon is obtained, it can be subjected to the same environmental factors that create diamonds within the Earth.

Heart In Diamond begins the process of transforming your loved one’s remains into a stunning memorial diamond by using chemicals to extract the carbon from the ashes. Depending upon the purity of the ashes and the subsequent amount of carbon obtained from them, the carbon may be combined with generic carbon to create enough of a mixture to make the diamond that you have chosen.

Once the carbon is extracted from the loved one’s cremains, Heart In Diamond subjects it to a high pressure, high temperature environment that mimics the environment that creates one-of-a-kind natural diamonds.

Carbon provides the base for diamonds. However, a diamond can form only if that carbon is subjected to a certain type of high pressure, high temperature environment that forces the carbon into the precious form of a diamond. That environment exists in two places: The Earth’s mantle and Heart In Diamond’s production facility.

At Heart In Diamond, the carbon from your loved one’s remains is carefully placed within a machine engineered to recreate the high pressure and high temperature found in the Earth’s mantle. Specifically, this machine produces a pressure of 60,000 atmospheres, or more than 880,000 pounds per square inch. It also produces a temperature of 3,632 degrees Fahrenheit.

This intense heat and pressure force the atoms, or building blocks, of the carbon to organize into the stunning, unbreakable, and flawless form of a diamond. The process is much like a caterpillar transforming into a breathtaking butterfly: What originally appeared as powdery ashes transforms into the unmistakable beauty of a diamond.

Once the diamond has finished growing, it is cut and polished to your specifications. Heart In Diamond can also place the stone in one of more than 500 jewelry settings before personally delivering the diamond to your home.

Before submitting your loved one’s ashes, you should have worked with one of our consultants to select a color, cut, and even a jewelry setting from one of our more than 500 jewelry choices. These selections should reflect your loved one and your relationship with them in a way that will make your one-of-a-kind memorial diamond a fitting and lasting tribute to the deceased.

Once your cremation diamond is complete, we will cut it and set it according to your specifications. The result will be a head-turning piece of diamond jewelry that reflects the light, beauty, and personality of your deceased friend or family member.

Once finished, your memorial diamond from Heart In Diamond will be treated just like a natural diamond. In particular, it will be given a grade according to the four C’s of diamonds: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat (or size).

Once your diamond has been graded, cut, and set, it will be delivered to you personally, either by your Heart In Diamond consultant or by an authorized courier. From there, you will have the opportunity to wear the memory of your loved one for the long term.

Through the diamond creation process, Heart In Diamond turns ashes into customized and exquisite diamonds within the fastest time frame in the memorial diamond industry.

Heart In Diamond never wants you to be without your loved one for longer than is absolutely necessary. That is why we use a diamond creation process that has the fastest turnaround time in the memorial diamond industry.

The process of turning a loved one’s cremains from ashes into a customized memorial diamond ready for wearing takes about 70-120 days. This timeframe is more than half the length of time it takes other companies in the industry to produce diamonds.

The reason Heart In Diamond can create your diamond faster than anyone else is because we own our diamond production facility. Instead of sending the carbon out to a third party to be placed in the HPHT environment, we can conduct the process ourselves.

Owning our own production facility also ensures that your loved one’s ashes never get passed around from one party to another. When you send us the cremains, we keep them throughout the entire diamond creation process.

You never have to wonder where your loved one is or worry about their ashes getting lost or confused with someone else’s. And, at the end of the process, you get your loved one back in a beautiful form faster than is possible anywhere else.

Throughout the creation of the diamond, Heart In Diamond preserves the ashes, and the memory, of your loved one. The form of the cremains may change, but they remain, to the very end, an integral part of the gorgeous memorial diamond produced by the process.

Just as the butterfly bears little resemblance to the caterpillar, so the finished memorial diamond bears little resemblance to the humble ashes from which it came. Yet, just as the butterfly remains the caterpillar, transformed and enlivened, so does the memorial diamond remain the ashes of the loved one, simply turned into a more eye-catching, and lasting, form.

At no time in the process are the cremains eliminated from the diamond. Their carbon is placed in the HPHT machine. That carbon is transformed, but not removed, within that environment. This means that the very ashes that you submit to Heart In Diamond become an integral part of the memorial diamond that you receive in return. The diamond is, in fact, still your loved one, simply in a form that you can keep close to you for the long term.

Cremation diamonds

Our consultants understand the emotional weight of making this important decision. To guide you through the process and help you create your never ending bond, please talk to us.
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