The Perfect Cut - Heart In Diamond

What is the Perfect Diamond Cut? The cut of a diamond refers to its subtle finish. If a diamond is cut well, it will appear bright and luminous, with intense contrasts and a dazzling sparkle. One of the most important factors used to evaluate diamonds is cut. The term is not difficult to understand; however, Read more

Where Do Diamonds Come From? - Heart In Diamond

Where Do Diamonds Come From? The first diamonds ever to be excavated by humans came from ancient India. The Indians believed that diamonds were incredibly sacred. India became and remained a hub of diamond mining from early history until recently, when most of the country’s resources became depleted. It has since been replaced by numerous Read more

How Diamonds Are Cut - Heart In Diamond

What are the Different Diamond Cuts? The most popular diamond cuts are: round, brilliant, princess, square and emerald. It’s important to know that not all diamonds can be cut into any cut. There are a great number of otner different types of diamond cuts, there a few very specific types are used most often by Read more

Where in the World Do Diamonds Come From? - Heart In Diamond

Where Do Diamonds Come From? Canada and Russia are two countries that are leaders in diamond production, due to the discovery of diamond sources within their borders. Additionally, Australia now produces the most diamonds in terms of mass out of any country. Many people think of the ancient diamond trade of central and southern Asia, Read more

The Diamond Cutting Process - Heart In Diamond

What is the Process of Cutting Diamonds? Diamond cutting gives diamonds its different shapes and numbers of surfaces, and this gives it its glimmer. When a diamond is first found near the surface of the earth, it generally does not look much like what we imagine a diamond looks like. In fact, most diamonds found Read more

The Allotropes of Carbon - Heart In Diamond

What are Allotropes of Carbon? Allotropy refers to the ability of an element to exist in different forms, called allotropes. Carbon, (which makes up a significant percentage of the human elemental makeup) has several allotropes. They include: Graphite. The stuff that pencils are made of! Fullerenes. Also known as buckyballs, fullerenes are an entire set Read more

The Stuff of Diamonds - Heart In Diamond

Back to high-school chemistry class: did you know that diamonds are composed entirely of just one element? Read more

A Journey from the Center of the Earth - Heart In Diamond

How you ever wondered about the amazing journey that a diamond makes in order to arrive on a ring, necklace, or other piece of jewelry? Read more

A Diamonds Journey - Heart In Diamond

The largest diamond deposits are in the African continent. Then pass to the Belgian city of Antwerp, where diamonds are cut and polished Read more

The origin of Diamonds - Heart In Diamond

India was the only source of diamonds for over one thousand years. In 1725 major deposits were found in Brazil, and in South Africa. Read more