The Diamond Cutting Process

15 March 2019 / Blog

What is the Process of Cutting Diamonds?

Diamond cutting gives diamonds its different shapes and numbers of surfaces, and this gives it its glimmer. When a diamond is first found near the surface of the earth, it generally does not look much like what we imagine a diamond looks like. In fact, most diamonds found are not even suitable for use as jewelry, either because they are so small, or because they are full of impurities. Those diamonds that do happen to make the cut must then be cut and polished. It is always a long process that must be done by a professional diamond cutter, in order to maximize beauty and reflectivity.

Diamond polishing machine in black and white

What Is Used to Cut a Diamond?

Only a diamond can cut a diamond, and that’s why they are only cut with specialized tools that are made of diamonds in some way. Tools include diamond-tipped phosphor bronze or diamond dusted steel blades. These tools exploit the structural weakness of the diamond. The cut of a diamond has the greatest influence on its beauty.

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