Where Do Diamonds Come From?

3 April 2019 / Blog

Where Do Diamonds Come From?

The first diamonds ever to be excavated by humans came from ancient India. The Indians believed that diamonds were incredibly sacred. India became and remained a hub of diamond mining from early history until recently, when most of the country’s resources became depleted. It has since been replaced by numerous sites throughout the world, in places such as Brazil, Russia, and Australia. As global demand for diamonds has risen, so have the number of diamond mines across the globe. Today, most of the world’s diamonds come from mines in sub-Saharan Africa.

origin of diamonds

Where Can You Find Diamonds?

In the nineteenth century, some of the largest and most valuable deposits in the world were discovered in South Africa. While half of all diamonds do come from Central and Southern Africa, significant deposits have been discovered in Russia, Canada, Brazil, India, and Australia. However, in recent years, a number of new– and somewhat unexpected– countries have become major players in the diamond game.

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