The Stuff of Diamonds

23 January 2019 / Blog

Diamond Facts to Know

Did you know that diamonds are composed entirely of just one element? Apart from occasional imperfections, diamonds are composed of 100% carbon. A number of unique and fascinating qualities is the reason for the strange chemical makeup of the amazing gem. Even though diamonds are the hardest substance in the world, it has a secret weakness: Diamonds can be completely evaporated at high enough temperatures. If you were to place a diamond in a stove that heated up to 1405 degrees Fahrenheit, your diamond would vanish into thin air and you would be left with nothing but carbon dioxide.

two small yellow diamonds made from coal

Other Cool Things to Know About Diamonds

  1. During the Dark Ages, diamonds were used to cure ailments and heal wounds. They were held in high regard for their medicinal power.
  2. Americans buy more than 40% of the planet’s jewelry-quality diamonds, making the United States the world’s top diamond buying country.
  3. Diamond faceting was developed in the 16th century, making diamonds even more brilliant and beautiful.
  4. Diamonds are currently mined in 25 countries around the world, and on every continent except Europe and Antarctica.

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