How Diamonds Are Cut - Heart In Diamond

What are the Different Diamond Cuts?

The most popular diamond cuts are: round, brilliant, princess, square and emerald. It's important to know that not all diamonds can be cut into any cut.

There are a great number of otner different types of diamond cuts, there a few very specific types are used most often by jewelers on account of special properties like functionality, brightness, reflectiveness and perceived size. Below are three of the most common cuts: Round: This type of cut is, like the name implies, rather symmetrical and round. It is extremely common on account of the fact that it is exceptionally good at reflecting light, and thus quite luminescent.
Princess: Princess cut diamonds are somewhat rectangular and a common choice for placement within rings. They are reflective and versatile, used in numerous types of jewelry. Marquise: The marquise cut, longer and thinner than most, is popular because it has a great amount of surface area and can seem much larger than it actually is.

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Diamond Cut Tips

There are things to consider when choosing a diamond shape. The shape of the diamond affects how the ring looks on the finger. For instance, women with long fingers look best with square diamonds like princess and radiant cut because they make the fingers appear shorter. Women with short fingers can wear oval or pear shapes to give the illusion of longer fingers. Heart and round shaped diamonds are best for larger hands. Read more about the 5cs here.