A Diamonds Journey

27 December 2018 / Blog

How Are Diamonds Made?

Every romance has a story,and so does every diamond. Diamonds originate deep below the earth’s surface in the lithosphere, where carbon bearing materials are under ideal conditions to be converted into diamonds over the course of thousands of years. These diamonds are then brought closer to the earth’s surface through volcanic eruptions. The world’s largest diamond deposits are in the southern part of the African continent, though diamonds are also mined lucratively in Russia, Brazil, India, Canada, and a variety of other countries across the country. From there, the vast majority of gem quality diamonds then pass to the Belgian city of Antwerp, where they are cut, polished, and distributed to jewelers across the world,waiting to become ta sparkling symbol of a couple’s romanticlove.

two orange cremation diamonds

Other Ways Diamonds Are Made

  1. In subduction zones- When a tectonic plate collision occurs, it results in a big land mass forced underneath the other into the subduction zone. If a plate has rocks rich in carbon, they melt under pressure and high temps to create diamonds.
  2. By asteroid impacts- When an asteroid strikes the Earth’s surface, the epic collision creates a massive explosion of heat and pressure on the ground. Carbon based deposits in the impact crater can get turned into tiny diamonds in an instant.
  3. By meteorite fall- When they hit the Earth’s surface, meteorites can deposit to the ground lots of nanodiamonds from space.

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