Diamonds: Symbols of Prosperity - Heart In Diamond

How Long Have Diamonds Been Symbols of Prosperity? Since humans first began mining and finding diamonds thousands of years ago, diamonds have been a symbol of wealth and prosperity. First in ancient India, the birthplace of the diamond industry, and then increasingly across the Middle East, north Africa, Europe and Asia throughout the first millennium Read more

Diamonds: Older Than the Dinosaurs - Heart In Diamond

Are Diamonds Older than Dinosaurs? It has become apparent that most diamonds are hundreds of millions– even billions– of years old, and we know this by using new technology. Diamonds are older than any dinosaur, and, in fact, older than nearly all land dwelling plants and animals (the source of coal). Most diamonds are now Read more

What makes a diamond a diamond?

What Makes a Diamond a Diamond? There are two specific things that make a diamond different from all other precious and semi-precious rocks: the material it is made up of, and the arrangement of its atoms (which translates hardness). There are many types of gemstones in the world, of varying materials, colors and grades, but Read more

Facts about diamonds that will suprise you

What are Some Amazing Diamond Facts? Here are some amazing facts about the most magnificent and precious stone on earth: the diamond: The name “diamond” is derived from the greek word “adamas”, meaning indestructible and perennial. Eighty percent of the world’s diamonds are not even suitable for jewelry. Ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were fragments Read more

Diamonds and Data? - Heart In Diamond

What are Some DIamond Facts? Diamonds aren’t indestructible, the us produces no diamonds for commercial use and diamonds rain down on jupiter and saturn. There is an exciting future ahead for both diamonds and technology alike: new research suggests that the gemstones could be capable of storing an incredible amount of information. A small, thin Read more

Industrial Diamonds - Heart In Diamond

What are Industrial Diamonds? Industrial diamonds are real diamonds and used as exfoliator, for medical research, as sound equipment, in conductors of heat, micro bearings and blades. There are millions of diamonds that are held off the market; most of these diamonds are simply used for industrial purposes. You may have heard it repeated that Read more

From Axe-Sharpener to Symbol of Eternal Love - Heart In Diamond

As you may know, the first ornamental use of diamonds occurred in ancient India, where diamonds were considered to be of great religious and spiritual value. Read more

Diamond Folklore - Heart In Diamond

Humans have treasured diamonds for thousands of years and over that course of time, many legends and superstitions regarding diamonds have developed. Read more