Diamonds: Symbols of Prosperity

28 March 2019 / Blog

How Long Have Diamonds Been Symbols of Prosperity?

Since humans first began mining and finding diamonds thousands of years ago, diamonds have been a symbol of wealth and prosperity. First in ancient India, the birthplace of the diamond industry, and then increasingly across the Middle East, north Africa, Europe and Asia throughout the first millennium A.D, diamonds were used in the jewelry and wealth reserves of aristocratic, noble, and royal families. In the ancient cultures of the mediterranean like Egypt, Greece and Rome, aristocratic men and women owned, wore, and were often buried in diamond jewelry. In the middle ages, diamond jewels adorned the scepters and crowns of kings. It is thus that diamonds are known as symbols not only of beauty, but of power, glory and prosperity.

Cut but unpolised diamond

Other Meanings of Diamonds

  1. Diamonds represent love, purity, faithfulness, and relationships full of love.
  2. Diamonds fills the body with the pure energy of love.
  3. Diamonds inspire creativity, faith, and beauty.
  4. Diamonds work together with other crystals and can be used for example in crystal healing therapy.

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