Diamond Folklore

14 January 2019 / Blog

What are Some Diamond Folklore Beliefs?

Humans have treasured diamonds for thousands of years. During this time, many legends and superstitions regarding diamonds have developed. Today, of course, we know that diamonds are formed under immense pressure below the surface of the earth.
Here are a few of the most famous beliefs that were once held about diamonds:

  • Diamonds provide strength and courage in war
  • Diamonds shine brighter when the truth is being told and lose their sparkle upon hearing
  • Diamonds can heal physical, emotional, and spiritual pain
  • Diamonds are actually the tears of the gods
  • Diamonds are splinters broken off of the stars

three diamonds made from cremated remains

Other Diamond Myths and Legends

  1. Ancient India- The Hindus believed that diamonds were created when lightning struck rocks. They also put diamonds in the eyes of their statues.
  2. Ancient Greeks and Romans- They believed that diamonds were the tears of the gods or splinters that had broken off of falling stars, and that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds.
  3. Ancient Egyptians- They most likely began the tradition of wearing an engagement ring on the third finger of the left hand. They believed that the “vein of love” linked the heart and ring finger.
  4. The Titanic- It is believed by many that the famous Hope diamond caused the Titanic to sink as a result of its presence aboard the ship.

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