From Axe-Sharpener to Symbol of Eternal Love

15 January 2019 / Blog

How are Diamonds Used as Tools?

In Ancient China, diamonds were not just revered for the beauty. They were also utilized as tools due to their unique and practical physical qualities. Above all else, diamonds were used to sharpen axes and other tools. The first ornamental use of diamonds occurred in ancient India, where diamonds were considered to be of great religious and spiritual value. This was not, however, the first human interaction with diamonds. As it turns out, archeologists now believe that diamonds were used in Ancient China as far back as 2500 B.C.E. The axes built in Ancient China were frequently made of corundum–the second hardest naturally occurring substance on earth. Diamonds were the only material capable of performing this task due to their hardness.

heart shaped red diamond made from cremated ashes

Diamond Tools

When diamonds are used as abrasives and grinding tools, they offer many advantages, including:

  1. Affordable cost- The processing cost of each workpiece more reasonable.
  2. High wear resistance- Diamond grinding tools offer good grinding quality and precision because their change in dimension is small.
  3. Lost lifespan- This increases work efficiency and improves labor environment.
  4. High grinding efficiency- Less heat will be generated by the hole in the grinding process. This can decrease or avoid burns and cracks on the surface of the workpiece, and decrease the equipment’s wear and energy consumption.

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