Industrial Diamonds

13 February 2019 / Blog

What are Industrial Diamonds?

Industrial diamonds are real diamonds and used as exfoliator, for medical research, as sound equipment, in conductors of heat, micro bearings and blades.

There are millions of diamonds that are held off the market; most of these diamonds are simply used for industrial purposes. You may have heard it repeated that diamonds are not as valuable as people assume because the world supply of diamonds is actually enormous. Diamonds do have several amazing qualities that make them perfect for uses such as:

  • Sound Equipment. Diamond’s incredible hardness allows them to vibrate at ultra-high frequencies without cracking, making them great for sound.
  • Heat Sinks. DIamonds are among the world’s best natural conductors of heat, meaning they can be used in microelectronics to absorb heat that would otherwise be detrimental.
  • Low-friction micro bearings. Diamond’s hardness also makes them ideal for microelectronic parts that must be wear resistant.
  • Blades. Diamond’s hardness rating makes them fantastic for industrial cutting tools.

3 orange industrial-grade diamonds

Other Uses for Diamonds

There are many other uses for diamonds, including industrial, health and beauty uses. Most are synthetic. Here are some below:

  1. Diamonds can be used as an facial exfoliator because they are a strong abrasive yet gentle enough for facial use.
  2. There is medical research to support the claim that nanodiamonds can help to indicate the effectiveness of cancer drugs since they are compatible with human cells and they reflect light.
  3. Industrial-grade diamonds can highly improve sound quality in speakers. Diamond speaker domes produce high-quality sound because diamonds are hard enough that they can vibrate at high speeds without warping and damaging the audio quality.

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